5 top tips for getting started with a free listing on Physics Connect

Want to get listed on Physics Connect? Here’s how to get started with a free listing in 5 easy steps.

Top tip #1 Fill out the “Get Listed” form

To complete this form you will need to have a few things at the ready. These include:

Company details

  • Supplier type – choose from company or institution
  • Supplier name
  • Address of your headquarters
  • General enquiry details (telephone number, e-mail address and fax number)
  • Website URL

Your contact details

  • Your name
  • Job title
  • E-mail address and telephone number

Create an account
Create a username and password. This will then allow you to add more content to your company profile and to edit any details in the future.

Ready to submit your details? Great! Complete the form at connect.physicsworld.com/get-listed

Want to register your institution?

The same rules apply as detailed above, but as an institution you can claim for an enhanced profile with additional benefits normally worth $4750. Complete the Get Listed form and a member of our team will be in touch.

Top tip #2 Add more details to your company profile

Once you’ve received confirmation that your profile has been set up by our administrator, you will be able to log in to our content management system (My Account) to add and update your details using the username and password that you created earlier.

  1. Log in to My Account at myaccount.connect.physicsworld.com
  2. Once logged in you will see the dashboard for your listing
  3. Click on the Company tab at the top
  4. Then from the menu on the side select About company

Here you will be able to add a company description that will feature on the homepage of your company profile.

Start with a simple mission statement in about 15 words or less. This then sets the scene for the user and allows them to determine if you’re the right company for their brief. Then go into more information about your company – approximately 100 words is recommend. Anything more and the users will get lost in a sea of text and will lose interest.

Be sure to use lots of keywords in your description as this will affect how and where your company profile will show up in our search results. For example if your company supplies optic technologies, try using variations of this word such as “photonics” and “lasers”.

This company profile from Andor Technology has a good balance, connect.physicsworld.com/andor-technology/415142.supplier

For more tips on keyword optimisation on your profile speak to a member of our team.

Top tip #3 Carefully choose your categories

From the side menu again, select Company categories and this will give you two drop-down menus to choose from. Open the Categories menu by clicking on the arrow and then choose from one of the following top-level categories.

If you are an extremely niche company specialising in nanomedicine only for example, use the arrows to drill down until you find an area that best suits your company’s field of expertise.

Top tip #4 Sign up for the newsletter

Stay on top of your competition and keep informed of the latest industry news by signing up for the Physics Connect newsletter. This free newsletter is delivered every Monday and features freshly added content from Physics Connect including; news, product releases, white papers, videos and jobs from brightrecruits.com.

Anyone interested in keeping up to date with the latest scientific and technology industry news can subscribe by simply clicking on the newsletter link from the homepage, or visiting connect.physicsworld.com/newsletter

Top tip #5 Monitor and review the results

Log in to My Account as detailed earlier and navigate to the Results & Statistics section from the tab menu along the top.

From here you will be able to see a variety of useful information including sales leads, page views and more.

Overview: This section of the results will show you very top-level information for the past five months.

  • Sales leads – the number of users that have clicked on the Request more information button on your profile. Use the CSV and TXT buttons to download the reports.
  • Page views – the number of monthly page views.
  • Top 10 performing articles – here you have the most read articles.

Sales leads: This table summarises the sales leads by month for your company. As demonstrated earlier, use the CSV and TXT buttons to download the reports.

Page views: This table shows the monthly statistics for your company profile including page views and website click throughs.

Articles: Browse the article statistics for your company. Sort by article name, date published and number of views.