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Call for tender from FAIR for White Rabbit Switches

FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research) is a new international accelerator facility which is currently under construction in Darmstadt, Germany.

There is an advance notification of a planned call for tender from FAIR for: White Rabbit Switches. FAIR are looking to find companies who would be interested in bidding on this project and wish to pre-qualify.

Short description (more information is available in attachment, on page 2):

The General Machine Timing system for FAIR requires time synchronizing a few thousands nodes with a precision better than one nanosecond, which is achieved by the White Rabbit (WR) protocol [1]. The nodes are connected by an Ethernet network through White Rabbit Switches (WRS) [2]. The WRS is an open hardware design of an 18-ports Ethernet switch licensed under the CERN Open Hardware License [3].

The specifications including the following ones must be fulfilled.

  • WRS according to the Open Hardware Repository [4].
  • WRS version 3.3 [5], however including a fix of issues 758 and 907 [6]. The fixes shall be merged back to the Open Hardware

Repository by the supplier.

The supplier should have

  • an on-line catalogue offering hardware products of similar complexity, such as network switches, VME, PCIe or MTCA products.
  • in-house engineering resources and knowledge about hardware, HDL and software to debug and support the WRS.
  • an interest to sell WRS and other Open Hardware designs to other customers.
  • proven experience in the field of purchasing components, assembly and testing of PCBs.
  • commercial and technical contact persons who are able to communicate in English or German.

Further information can be obtained from Mrs. S. Maigatter,; 49 6159 712574. Please contact her ASAP for further information. It would be useful if you could also cc for information.

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