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DO-28568/TE/EPC - Supply of a current output DCCTs with 1000:1 ratio and 600A nominal current

CERN have released a price enquiry for DO-28568/TE/EPC - Supply of a current output DCCTs with 1000:1 ratio and 600A nominal current.

Below is a small excerpt of the technical specifications:

This Technical Specification concerns the supply of 500 bipolar Direct-Current Current Transducers (DCCTs) with current output, 1000:1 ratio and a nominal primary current of 600A. A DCCT is a high-precision transducer, working with the zero-flux detection principle in a toroidal magnetic core. The primary current to be measured is passed through the centre of the toroidal core. The flux detector controls the current through a secondary (compensation) winding of many turns to maintain zero flux in the core. The secondary current is a precise fraction of the primary current according to the primary-secondary turns ratio.

The main characteristics of the DCCTs which are the subject of this specification are:

  • High accuracy;
  • Bipolar;
  • High immunity against magnetic and electrical fields;
  • Very high reliability;
  • High stability with respect to time and temperature;
  • Good transient response;
  • Low noise;
  • High-voltage galvanic isolation.

Qualification Criteria

  • The annual turnover of the bidder in the area of DCCTs shall be at least 100’000 Swiss Francs on average per year over three consecutive years. Years of reference are 2010, 2011, and 2012.
  • The firm shall have at least five years of experience in the design and manufacture of DCCTs. The firm shall have a successful record in at least 3 contracts exceeding 50’000 Swiss Francs each, involving DCCTs.

The deadline is the 21st December 2013 for selected companies to send their completed bid to CERN. We are asked to put forward only two or three companies in total. We will select companies to put forward for this tender as soon as possible. We will select on the following criteria:

  • UK manufacturing / production or in the case of services, companies that are established in the UK. Our role is to increase the financial return from tenders to the UK.
  • Minimal subcontracting. The general conditions of CERN contracts stipulate that supplies and services representing more than 50% of the contract price shall not be sub-contracted. As bids are judged on a lowest compliant bid basis, subcontractors would give an offer which would probably be higher than if CERN were to receive an offer directly from the manufacturer and we need to maximise the chance of success for UK companies.
  • Previous knowledge of a company. Where there is a large response from a number of suitable and qualified companies, we will prioritise companies that have won similar contracts at large facilities. Similarly if we know that a company repeatedly does not submit a bid after being put forward for a tender, we may consider not putting them forward for future tenders.

If you want to be considered for this project please contact Allanah at with your full contact details and address by  2nd December 2013. In your response please state how you meet the criteria. If selected your details will be passed to CERN who will send you the full information and technical specification.


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