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CERN experiments in the UK: Meet the Buyer, Friday 24th October 2014, Royal College of Physicians, London

This event is for UK manufacturers and service providers.

CERN, based in Geneva Switzerland, spends in the region of £300M every year purchasing equipment and services. In addition to this, within the UK, many research groups are purchasing equipment for the CERN experiments. The CERN experiments are run by collaborations of scientists from institutes all over the world. They can procure either through CERN, or through their home institution.

STFC is holding a free Meet the Buyer event to introduce potential suppliers, service providers and R&D partners to the research groups within the UK who are purchasing and developing equipment for the CERN experiments. This event will feature talks from the experiments, one-to-one meetings, poster sessions and workshops. There will be the chance to network with researchers from the experiments and other companies.

The experiments have requirements in:

  • Accelerator technology, magnets and superconductivity
  • Computing (hardware and software)
  • Controls, measurement and regulation
  • Cryogenics, vacuum and gas
  • Detectors and analytical systems
  • Electrical engineering
  • Instrumentation
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Optics, optronics and laser systems
  • Radiation measurement and protection
  • Raw materials and materials technology
  • Remote handling systems and robotics
  • … and many other fields!

Register now to attend.

Things to do:

1. Register for the CERN Experiments Meet the Buyer event at

2. Use the second link: Registration for suppliers (industry and companies)

3. Provide a complete synopsis of your company, as this will help the researchers attending decide whether your products and services are relevant.

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