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  • New Benchmark in High-Speed Thermal Imaging weblink

    FLIR Systems | 29 Aug 2017

    FLIR Systems has introduced a strained layer superlattice (SLS) detector version of its X6900sc camera

  • Thermal Imaging Cameras for Non-Destructive Testing weblink

    FLIR Systems | 1 Jun 2016

    FLIR Systems X6000sc and X8000sc series thermal imaging cameras offer unmatched detection of defects and points of failure in composites, solar cells, bridges, and electronics as well as enabling thermal mapping of stress when performing materials testing.

  • Remote Detection and Localization of Gas Leaks in Large Industrial Facilities

    FLIR Systems | 24 Mar 2016

    FLIR Systems announces a new article that describes the development of an innovative robot system for remote detection and localization of gas leaks in large industrial facilities.

  • Laser Quantum launches taccor comb

    Laser Quantum Ltd | 16 Mar 2016

    Laser Quantum launch a complete 1GHz mode spaced frequency comb

  • Thermal Imaging Handbook for R&D Professionals

    FLIR Systems | 1 Mar 2016

    FLIR  Systems has updated its Ultimate Infrared Handbook for R&D Professionals

  • High Speed Stop Motion Infrared Imaging

    FLIR Systems | 16 Feb 2016

    FLIR Systems has introduced the new FLIR X6900sc as the world’s fastest 640 x 512 pixel resolution thermal camera for high-speed science applications.

  • Thermal Imaging Kit for Schools weblink

    FLIR Systems | 1 Jan 2016

    FLIR Systems C2 Education Kit brings the power of thermal imaging technology within the reach of elementary schools, high schools and other educational institutes.

  • High Sensitivity Gas Leak Detection

    FLIR Systems | 18 Dec 2015

    High Sensitivity Mode (HSM) is a technological innovation developed by FLIR Systems to enhance the leak detection performance of their GF-Series optical gas imaging cameras.

  • High Definition Infrared Camera sets new benchmark

    FLIR Systems | 12 Nov 2015

    FLIR Systems announces the new FLIR 1030sc High Definition (HD) Longwave Infrared (LW-IR) camera featuring the industry’s highest resolution.

  • Optical Gas Imaging Helps Ensure Continuity of Power Distribution download

    FLIR Systems | 2 Nov 2015

    FLIR Systems has published a new application note that describes how the FLIR GF306 optical gas imaging camera enables Czech utility company - CEPS a.s. to detect SF6 leaks helping avoid breakdowns and ensuring the continuity of their power distribution network.

  • Techniques to Improve Thermal Measurement of Low Emissivity Targets

    FLIR Systems | 9 Oct 2015

    FLIR Systems has published a new technical note that investigates and describes how to use low-cost materials to increase target emissivity to enable accurate measurement using a thermal imaging camera.

  • Preventative Maintenance Tools for Petrochemicals & Power Generation

    FLIR Systems | 23 Sep 2015

    FLIR Systems announces that it will be showing its latest optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras for the petrochemical and power generation industries at PEFTEC 2015* on 18th and 19th November 2015.

  • FLIR Systems Releases Groundbreaking High Definition Handheld Thermal Camera

    FLIR Systems | 9 Sep 2015

    FLIR T1K Offers the Highest Quality Performance for Thermography Experts

  • OWIS® offers new pin-column system – for even more flexibility on optical tables

    OWIS GmbH | 7 Sep 2015

    For 35 years now, one of the main principles of the OWIS GmbH has been, to provide its customers with maximum flexibility when using OWIS® products. With the revised columns SL 12/16 and pins STF 15 this idea has been implemented progressively.

  • New White Paper from RaySearch Laboratories downloadweblink

    RaySearch Laboratories AB | 9 Jun 2015

    Robust Optimization in Raystation

  • The UNiiQA+ from Alrad Instruments Ltd download

    Alrad Instruments Ltd | 18 May 2015

    e2v’s UNiiQA family of line scan cameras have been specifically designed to bring affordable, flexible and simple high speed solutions to your current inspection or sorting system.

  • PHOTONIS Digital Imaging Appoints Brian Leedy as VP/GM weblink

    PHOTONIS USA | 22 Apr 2014

    PHOTONIS announces the appointment of Mr. Brian Leedy as Vice President and General Manager of the Digital Imaging business unit, located in Frisco, TX (USA). Mr. Leedy will be responsible for managing the business unit and expanding its Digital Imaging market segments globally.

  • New OWIS® catalogue available

    OWIS GmbH | 4 Dec 2013

    The new OWIS® catalogue is available since the fourth quarter of 2013.

  • Watch the FLIR Systems video here video

    FLIR Systems | 19 Jun 2013

    The FLIR SC8000 / SC6000 Series thermal imaging cameras are designed to provide the best thermal measurement performance together with the most advanced connectivity.

  • Targeted patch clamping with ion conductance microscopy weblink

    Park Systems | 9 Oct 2012

    Targeted patch clamping (TPC) combines patch clamping with ion conductance microscopy (ICM) to guide the pipette to a specific patch-clamping position.

  • ICM image of suspended collagen fibrils weblink

    Park Systems | 3 Sep 2012

    Ion-conductance microscopy (ICM) is useful for obtaining contact-free images of the surface topography and has been used for imaging cultured cells under liquid conditions.

  • News from Analytik Ltd

    Analytik Ltd. | 10 Jul 2015

    Analytik join SEAHA as an industrial partner and supervisor of a student applying spectral imaging techniques in the field of heritage and conservation

  • Visualizing Methane Leaks from Oil & Gas Operations

    FLIR Systems | 17 Jun 2015

    FLIR Systems Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras make hydrocarbon leaks visible and turn a greenhouse gas problem into a revenue and energy stream for oil and gas producers.

  • FLIR Releases New Software for Research and Science Applications

    FLIR Systems | 27 May 2015

    FLIR Systems has announced a new version 4.2 of its ResearchIR thermal imaging software. ResearchIR 4.2 provides researchers and scientists with a powerful tool for viewing, acquiring, analyzing, and sharing the thermal data captured with FLIR’s Scientific and R&D cameras.

  • Technical Article: Using Triggers to Simplify Automation

    Zaber Technologies | 22 May 2015

    Triggers can be used to set up actions that execute when a condition is met. Triggers allow you to add flexibility to processes, reduce communication delays, and make it easier to coordinate timing and positioning of devices with other components in a system. 

  • FLIR Launch 3 New Science-Grade Cooled Thermal Cameras

    FLIR Systems | 8 Apr 2015

    FLIR Systems has launched three new science-grade thermal cameras, the A6200sc NIR, A8300sc HD MWIR, and A6700sc LWIR**.

  • Continuous Leak Detection at Vital Installations

    FLIR Systems | 7 Apr 2015

    The G300a thermal imaging camera from FLIR Systems lets you can monitor vital gas pipelines or installations 24/7.

  • Multiple ROI readout and exposure cycles are now decoupled

    Hamamatsu Photonics | 1 Apr 2015

    Hamamatsu Photonics introduces the new ORCA Flash4.0 LT with W-VIEW Mode™ which enables read out of two different regions of interests (ROIs) with different exposure times.

  • Leak Detection on Hydrogen Cooled Turbogenerators

    FLIR Systems | 11 Mar 2015

    FLIR Systems reports on how its FLIR GF343 Optical Gas Imaging camera is being used for monitoring leak detection on Hydrogen cooled turbogenerators.

  • FLIR Industry Announcement

    FLIR Systems | 5 Mar 2015

    Smart Lens Technology Enhances Low Contrast Thermal Imaging

  • pco.dimax CS

    PCO Group | 26 Nov 2014

    Compact, ruggedized, high-speed..

  • PHOTONIS Introduces NOCTURN Color Low-Light Camera

    PHOTONIS USA | 13 Aug 2014

    USB3 Functionality with Day/Night Imaging

  • FLIR Systems Announces Infiniti Red Bull Racing Partnership

    FLIR Systems | 15 Apr 2014

    FLIR Systems has announced that it has been named an Innovation Partner with Infiniti Red Bull Racing

  • Simplify TG-142 Digital Imager and Machine QA in Large Clinics video

    Standard Imaging, Inc | 29 Jan 2014

    Medical Physicists at large facilities must manage a variety of linear accelerators and a trove of colleagues. Thus, finding efficiencies in their QA practices is critical. Standard Imaging was approached by one such organization, AB Oncology Consultants (ABOC)*, looking to improve their QA processes.

  • Dual IR / Visible Camera Opens Up Demanding R&D Applications

    FLIR Systems | 5 Dec 2013

    The FLIR SC660 thermal imaging camera is designed to deliver a combination of infrared and visible spectral images of superior quality and temperature measurement accuracy.

  • HPL linear stage series – the fastest one of OWIS®

    OWIS GmbH | 26 Nov 2013

    The high-precision, dynamic linear stages of the series HPL are equipped with a linear motor which ensures fast and high precise movements at smooth running.

  • Portable Thermal Imaging Kits for Academic & Industrial Labs

    FLIR Systems | 18 Oct 2013

    FLIR Systems has expanded its range of highly affordable, entry level R&D grade thermal imaging kits for academic teaching and industrial research labs.

  • FLIR A35 sc / A15 sc / A5 sc

    FLIR Systems | 19 Jun 2013

    With the extremely affordable SC35 / SC15 and SC5 packs FLIR Systems is now bringing the advantages of thermal imaging to the test bench of every R&D engineer.

  • FLIR Launch Cooled Thermal Imaging Cameras For Industrial R&D

    FLIR Systems | 19 Jun 2013

    FLIR Systems has announced the release of a new range of thermal imaging cameras optimised for industrial R&D applications including tyre / brake testing, on and through glass measurements, welding / soldering processes and fast moving process control applications.

  • FLIR T450 sc / T650 sc

    FLIR Systems | 19 Jun 2013

    Highest sensitivity and most advanced feature set available on portable cameras.

  • FLIR X8000 sc

    FLIR Systems | 19 Jun 2013

    Thermal images of  up to 1280 x 1024 pixels (FLIR X8400 sc) will show you the smallest of details and assure excellent measurement accuracy.

  • Lens adapter provides high-contrast images regardless of zoom position

    Resolve Optics Ltd. | 3 May 2013

    The Model 287 wide angle lens adapter from Resolve Optics Ltd. is designed to provide a true 0.5x field of view (FOV) whilst maintaining minimal distortion and high resolution throughout the zoom range of your camera.

  • Soft Matter and Biological Physics Facilities

    Durham University, Department of Physics | 1 Apr 2013

    Nikon confocal microscope -  used for some biological applications, has also been modified for certain specific physics projects.Home built multiphoton (non-linear) microscope - incorporates adaptive optics for in depth imaging where the aberrations induced by the sample are removed using techniques originally developed for ground based astronomical telescopes.Optical tweezers built around a spatial light modulator for ...

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