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We are an Oxford-based company which provides a fast, efficient and friendly catalogue mail order service selling metals, alloys and polymers in small quantities, for research development and industry. Aluminium to Zirconium.

Advent exports to more than 60 countries.

Advents' commercial customer base is extensive, which ensures that our materials are at the forefront of the scientific industry. Advent supplies nineteen out of the top twenty universities in the UK.

A 'Special Orders' service is available for those items not listed in the catalogue.

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Advent provides a fast, friendly & efficient catalogue mail order service for metals and alloys in small quantities for research, development and industry.

Free printed catalogue, 1000 stock lines, 5000 standard packs, 31 metals and alloys, low, medium and high purities are available from 99.0% - 99.999%.

Forms Available:
Foil, Sheet, Plate, Wire, Insulated Wire, Wire - straight cut lengths, Woven wire mesh, Rod, Tube, Pellet, Lump, Ingot, Polymers.