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Items listed as ‘High Purity’, will be supplied with a ‘Certificate of Analysis’ listing the impurities for the specific batch shipped. For catalogue items which are not listed as ‘High Purity’ a ‘Certificate of Analysis’ can be provided at the extra cost for analysis and the material used in the test procedure.

A ‘Certificate of Conformity’ can be provided for all catalogue items.   There is a small charge for this service.  This certifies that the goods have been tested and inspected, and found to conform in all respects, to the catalogue specifications for that item.

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  • Advent p

    Product Spotlight: Platinum

    Products | 10 Jul 2015

    The chemical element platinum is one of the most commonly known – not just in the world of science, but in the world of the consumer.

  • Capture

    Product Spotlight: Tantulum

    Products | 12 Jun 2015

    The chemical element tantalum, or Ta, serves many purposes in science and medicine. It is also present in the components of many consumer electrical goods. Its role in electrochemistry is also very important in its inclusion in many electronic consumer goods.

  • Advents FULL catalogue now available to download

    News | 14 Nov 2014

    Download our current full product catalogue, which lists all our pure metals, alloys and polymers. Catalogue is updated daily.Please click here to download our catalogue.

  • Advent Research Materials

    Watch the Advent Research Materials video here

    News | 11 Jun 2013

    We are an Oxford-based company which provides a fast, efficient and friendly catalogue mail order service selling metals, alloys and polymers in small quantities, for research development and industry. Aluminium to Zirconium.