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For more than 25 years, Physics World has been the preferred choice in physics magazines and websites around the world. And today we are offering new and efficient marketing solutions for every business and institution, with our new website, Physics Connect.

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Physics connect

What is Physics Connect?

What is Physics Connect?

The place for your company and products to be seen and found

Physics Connect is more than just a Buyer’s Guide – that’s what Google is for! Physics Connect provides an even better quality of information and, most importantly, connections. Our online guide is the most comprehensive directory of suppliers to the scientific marketplace and is the who’s who of the scientific sector. Physics Connect is a simple market place that adds the expertise and skills to go with it.

For suppliers, Physics Connect is the simple and effective way to get your company noticed by potential customers.



Not only is Physics Connect a simple and effective way to get your company noticed by potential customers, it also offers all of these great benefits too.

Metrics and reporting

Every listing on Physics Connect comes with customisable reporting, allowing you to monitor, track and quantify your ROI anytime, anywhere.


Created specifically with buyers of your products or services in mind, Physics Connect ensures that your company's brand and message are delivered directly to those who matter the most to your business.


With packages available to suit every budget, Physics Connect gives you the opportunity to interact with your market at an affordable price.

User friendly

Both the layout and functionality of the website has been intelligently designed by consultants with expertise in this industry, ensuring users find the site to be a dynamic and efficient resource. It also means that your campaign will receive maximum visibility with a targeted audience.



Gold package

To find new customers, you have to be where they are, which today includes being online. By putting our online products into a package for you, we make it easy to get your own business online and make it simple for new customers to find you – even if you’ve never had a digital presence before. We’ll also do the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), to help more customers find your listings.

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Silver package

This package is perfect if your business needs an online presence. The design, hosting, images and copy are all taken care of for you. No web design or technical experience necessary. You’ll have your own unique profile, logo and contact form.

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Bronze package

Also known as the dollar-a-day listing, this affordable package provides you with the ability to communicate with your customers, project your brand message and actively list each of your products.

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Basic listing

Despite this being a “basic” package, it is still ideal for establishing an online presence f or your business on a minimal budget. The basic package allows you to attach your website, provide company and product information, and contact information so those interested can find out more about your business, and select niche categories so that you can focus in on your target market.

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Banner advertising

Leaderboard (top and bottom)

728 x 90 pixels. JPG or GIF.


Square MPU

300 x 250 pixels. JPG or GIF.


Profile branding

Company logo

Included in Bronze, Silver and Gold packages only.
450 x 252 pixels. JPG or GIF.


Top branding

Included in Bronze, Silver and Gold packages only.
625 x 144 pixels. JPG or GIF.


Lead image

Included in Gold packages only.
625 x 468 pixels. JPG or GIF.


Bottom branding

Included in Gold packages only.
945 x 85 pixels. JPG or GIF.


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Get started

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