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ALIBAVA SYSTEMS S.L. is dedicated to the development and commercialisation of technological solutions for radiation detector systems, especially but not only, in the field of Particle Physics research. Alibava Systems’ team has wide expertise in designing, fabricating, and testing silicon radiation detectors and systems. Our team has developed and mastered a variety of sensor technologies. The team is composed of experienced researchers and engineers with long years dedication to research in Particle Physics and technology development. The team has contributed in the development of a wide variety of detectors systems. Examples of our team’s work are being used at internationally recognized institutions such as CERN, DESY, BNL, etc.

What’s new

  • Alibava system 500

    Educational Alibava System

    News | 2 Nov 2016

    The Educational Alibava System is a complete instrumentation system dedicated to Silicon Microstrip Radiation Detectors, representing the state-of-the-art in detector characterization.

  • Trigger board

    Alibava System Classic

    News | 2 Nov 2016

    The Alibava System is a portable readout system for scientific uses.