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The Company commercializes the Alibava System, a system of reference for the characterization of strip silicon detectors. The company also develops custom-made detector systems for particle, nuclear, or medical applications, including the design and fabrication of custom silicon sensors, electronic parts, or mechanical structures, up to the whole detector system. Our flexibility is what makes us different. Alibava Systems can use different technologies, change the design and adapt the fabrication process to obtain the best solution for your specific application. We design and fabricate the detector completely based on your specifications. We develop the electronics and mechanics specially tailored to serve your detector. A complete customized system can be made for you and we will always provide components and of the highest quality. We can also provide tailored testing and characterization solutions for your detectors, including custom-made electronics and mechanics (like cooling, shielding, wire-bonding, etc).

What’s new

  • Alibava system 500

    Educational Alibava System

    News | 2 Nov 2016

    The Educational Alibava System is a complete instrumentation system dedicated to Silicon Microstrip Radiation Detectors, representing the state-of-the-art in detector characterization.

  • Trigger board

    Alibava System Classic

    News | 2 Nov 2016

    The Alibava System is a portable readout system for scientific uses.