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Our current market is mostly composed of research groups worldwide working in Particle Physics, Nuclear Physics, space or medical imaging. They either use our standard products for their research, like the Alibava System, or tell us their needs regarding radiation detector systems and we develop custom solutions for them. We also offer educational products for Universities worldwide with a Physics Department or a Nuclear Engineering Department who want to have hands-on state-of-the-art experiments for their advanced students. Additionally, Large Physics Facilities or Physics Experiments like CERN, Synchrotron Light Sources, and other particle accelerators, benefit from our developments related to Beam positioning or custom-made detectors.

What’s new

  • Alibava system 500

    Educational Alibava System

    News | 2 Nov 2016

    The Educational Alibava System is a complete instrumentation system dedicated to Silicon Microstrip Radiation Detectors, representing the state-of-the-art in detector characterization.

  • Trigger board

    Alibava System Classic

    News | 2 Nov 2016

    The Alibava System is a portable readout system for scientific uses.