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We can develop custom electronics for specific detectors that you want to readout and/or characterize. Apart from the Standard Daughter Board of out Alibava System, we also offer customized designs, in case the standard one does not cover your specific needs. For this, we have pitch adapters available on request and we can also make custom designs for different geometries of the sensors, double sided sensors, wire-bonding or high density connectors, and we can also make multi-chip boards for larger number of channels. We can also develop a full system for you including the radiation detectors (design and fabrication), the readout electronics, and mechanics. Tell us your needs and specifications and we will develop a suitable system for your specific application.

What’s new

  • Alibava system 500

    Educational Alibava System

    News | 2 Nov 2016

    The Educational Alibava System is a complete instrumentation system dedicated to Silicon Microstrip Radiation Detectors, representing the state-of-the-art in detector characterization.

  • Trigger board

    Alibava System Classic

    News | 2 Nov 2016

    The Alibava System is a portable readout system for scientific uses.