Welcome to AP Technologies

AP Technologies has been a leading distributor of optoelectronic components in the UK and the Republic of Ireland since 2002. We supply an extensive range of cutting-edge optoelectronic components and systems for many applications including industrial, scientific, military, medical and hazard and threat detection.

Our LED range spans the spectrum from UVC to the Near Infrared. We also supply single- and multimode laser diodes and laser diode modules from 445nm to 1850nm.

For detection we have visible and NIR-enhanced silicon photodiodes and a range of UV-optimised silicon photodiodes with responsivity down to <1nm - suitable for UV/Visible Spectrometry, extreme UV laser monitoring and direct ion/electron/x-ray photon detection. Our range of Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs) are true solid-state alternatives to conventional vacuum tube PMTs as well as avalanche photodiodes, Geiger Mode APDs and even silicon photodiodes in many low-light, scintillator-based applications and high speed applications such as fast fluorescence and LiDAR.

Our range of single photon solutions include visible and NIR single photon counting and full TCSPC systems as well as compact TDC and CFD electronics. Our light sources for single photon applications include the world's first commercial high brightness entangled photon-pair source at 1300nm and 1550nm as well as picosecond pulse-on-demand lasers from 405nm to 1850nm with pulses in the 10ps to 50ps range.

We also offer liquid crystal based Fast Optical Shutter (FOS) and Fast Polarisation Modulator (FPM) devices covering 400nm to 3000nm which can be combined with many of our sources and detectors.

We work in partnership with world-leading manufacturers:

  •  Adaptive Lighting 
  •  AUREA Technology 
  •  Fibotec Fiberoptics 
  •  Fox Group
  •  IMM Photonics
  •  LC-Tec
  •  LDX Optronics / RPMC
  •  Lumex
  •  Opto Diode Corporation
  •  SensL Technologies
  •  Sensor Electronic Technology
  •  QD Laser
  •  Vertilon

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A name you can trust

At APT our name is more than a catchy acronym and stands for the unique products we offer and our approach to business. We offer a responsive, intelligent service designed to provide solutions which help our customers compete in their own markets. With APT you are guaranteed clear and open communication and strong technical support.