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Bentham are UK-based, market leaders in the design and manufacture of high-performance monochromator-based light measurement systems (200nm-30µm). Enjoying over 45 years at the forefront of the industry, Bentham has an established history of meeting customer requirements in a range of business sectors.

Our product portfolio is developed for precise measurements in the characterisation of sources, material optical properties, detector evaluation and in vivo diagnostics.

We aim to drive science and industry to a brighter future, delivering both standardised and bespoke solutions to streamline research, development, quality assurance and certification.

What’s new

  • csm

    PVE300 Photovoltaic EQE (IPCE) and IQE solution

    Products | 16 Jan 2018

    The PVE300 system is an essential tool in photovoltaic research and production line quality processes, employed in the accurate determination of solar cell spectral response/ EQE (IPCE) and IQE.

  • 6

    PhotoTest450 Portable In Vivo Monochromator Phototesting

    Products | 16 Jan 2018

    The PhotoTest450 is a trolley-based high irradiance source of UVB-UVA– and visible monochromatic radiation, designed for in vivo application, representing a key tool in phototoxicity testing, photogenotoxicity testing and in the investigation of potential phototoxic risk in trials of topical and systemic drugs.

  • 5

    BPC300 Photochromic Lens Spectrophotometer

    Products | 16 Jan 2018

    The BPC300 spectrophotometer offers accurate characterisation of photochromic (photosensitive) lens transmission in the faded and AM2 conditioned states.

  • 4

    ULS300 Variable, Constant Colour Temperature Luminance Source

    Products | 16 Jan 2018

    The ULS300 is designed for applications requiring a variable, yet Constant Colour Temperature (CCT), luminance source. Comprising a stable 250W quartz tungsten halogen lamp (QTH), light is transported to a 300mm diameter integrating sphere via an eight branch fibre for homogeneous illumination.

  • hi

    TLS120Xe High Power Tuneable Light Source (280nm-1100m)

    Products | 16 Jan 2018

    The TLS120Xe is a high power tuneable xenon light source that puts monochromatic light at your fingertips.

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