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Calvaria Phantom

Anatomically correct calvaria phantom.

Calvaria phantom

Can be fabricated as a full calvaria as it is shown on the image or as a half-part of the calvaria or any other small part of the calvaria. The porosity can be adjusted according to the requirement of the particular project. The phantom can be customized in size and shape (i.e. based on the individual CT scan). All of our phantoms can be fully customized to your needs. We work with many of our customers to develop custom phantoms.

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What’s new

  • Bifurcation feature

    Bifurcation Feature

    Products | 9 Jun 2016

    Fork feature which can be implemented directly to blood vessels or any part of the brain. The fork can be modified based on the individual order at no additional cost

  • Anatomically correct blood vessels

    Blood Vessels (Anatomically Correct)

    Products | 9 Jun 2016

    This product can be sold separately or added to a main component.

  • Blood vessel

    Blood Vessels

    News | 9 Jun 2016

    Implementing not anatomically correct blood vessels to the brain phantom

  • Skull (anatomically correct)

    Skull (Anatomically Correct)

    Products | 9 Jun 2016

    Custom atomically correct phantom

  • Calvaria phantom

    Calvaria Phantom

    Products | 9 Jun 2016

    Anatomically correct calvaria phantom.

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