Elekta Neuroscience Products and Solutions

Creating new treatment possibilities for the most challenging cancers and brain disorders.

For 60 years, Elekta has been setting the standard for treating challenging cancers and brain disorders that defy most conventional treatment methods. With its long-standing expertise in stereotaxy and patient-friendly innovations, Elekta has created solutions that are both extremely accurate and non-invasive in the treatment of brain and body targets. Gamma Knife® radiosurgery alone has helped more than 700,000 people worldwide live longer and better lives, and is used to treat 70,000 patients every year. And the most advanced system, Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™, takes stereotactic radiosurgery to a new level of accuracy and dose conformity. With the new Extend program for non-invasive, relocatable patient fixation, Perfexion also provides more versatility, increasing treatment applicability for more patients.

Neuroscience Products

Leksell Gamma Knife®

A complete system for cranial stereotactic radiosurgery, delivering highly targeted treatment doses to tumors, while sparing healthy surrounding tissues.

Extend™ System

The Extend™ System from Elekta is a complete system for extending the utilization of Leksell Gamma Knife® Perfexion™

Leksell Stereotactic System®

The world's most preferred system for highly accurate intracranial neurosurgery, combining excellent imaging, high platform rigidity and ease of use when treating deep seated targets in the brain.

Elekta Neuromag® TRIUX™

Elekta Neuromag TRIUX is particularly effective in non-invasive, pre-surgical localization among epilepsy patients, as well as in the functional mapping of sensory, cortical and autonomic responses.


Neuroscience Solutions

Gamma Knife® radiosurgery

A widely used non-invasive method for treating brain disorders. Gamma Knife radiosurgery delivers a single, high dose of radiation to a small and critically located cranial volume through the intact skull.

Stereotactic Neurosurgery

Stereotactic Neurosurgery is an integrated solution for minimally invasive neurosurgery for localization and treatment of targets within the brain.

Surgical Navigation Accessories

Elekta's 3D-Arm™, a rigid, mechanical tool that provides a stable platform for tools and devices wherever they are required around the surgical target.

Functional Mapping

Elekta Neuromag® TRIUX™ features higher tolerance for magnetic interferences, new user interface features and patient comfort enhancements.

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