Elekta Oncology treatment solutions and techniques

Creating flexible and efficient innovations for the care of people with cancer.

Elekta innovation is responsible for introducing most of the critical technological advances in radiation oncology of the last 30 years. For that reason, world-leading clinics continue to seek opportunities to collaborate with us in the development of tomorrow’s solutions. Elekta maintains its long-standing focus on evidence-based medicine, energized by the knowledge that we are supporting those whose mission is to save and prolong human life. Supported by our open systems philosophy, Elekta creates treatment solutions that provide increasing efficiency, while retaining the clinician’s right to choose the best option for individual patients.

Oncology treatment solutions

Versa HD™

Elekta’s most advanced linear accelerator capable of delivering exquisite dose conformance for an expanded range of targets, plus ground-breaking innovations designed to improve efficiency.

Elekta Axesse™

Fully integrated stereotactic radiation therapy system which combines 3D and 4D image guidance at the time of treatment with ultra-conformal beam shaping and robotic 6D sub-millimeter patient positioning.

Elekta Infinity™

System designed for Volumetric Arc Modulated Therapy (VMAT). Infinity delivers superb dose conformance, treatment speed and ultra-low dose safeguards.

Elekta Synergy®

IGRT system that enables 2D, 3D and 4D imaging at treatment time with the patient in the treatment position, increasing clinical confidence and defining a new standard of care.

Precise Treatment System™

Advanced digital treatment system providing a wide range of energy levels and providing exceptional beam characteristics for IMRT. Equipped with Elekta OmniWedge™, and choice of fully integrated MLCi or Beam Modulator™.

Elekta Compact™

With its small footprint and cost effective design, Elekta Compact™ is the gateway to modern RT for oncology centers that need to start small, but are thinking big for the future. Ideal for making high quality radiotherapy accessible to everyone.

Treatment Planning Systems

Starting with XiO®, our solutions cover the spectrum of radiation therapy, radiosurgery and particle therapy techniques. Elekta provides comprehensive tools to make the planning process easier, simpler and clinically reliable.

Oncology Information Systems

Robust solutions for managing the communication of patient and practice data in diverse radiation and medical and radiation oncology settings. Anchored by a full-featured EMR, workflow is enhanced with a comprehensive array of application modules.

Treatment techniques

Delivery techniques

Elekta supports a range of pre-configured and optional delivery techniques providing the physician with the flexibility to tailor the treatment to suit the needs of each individual patient including IMRT and VMAT.

Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)

Enabling improved dose conformance and reduction of healthy tissue irradiation, Elekta’s IGRT solutions complement the portfolio of therapy techniques available on Elekta linear accelerators.

Stereotactic Radiation Therapy

When maximum precision and accuracy are needed for stereotactic and hypo-fractionated therapies, Elekta provides a complete solution to deliver SRS and SRT with confidence.

Motion Management

Hardware and software innovations enable clinicians to reliably compensate for patient breathing, increasing treatment delivery accuracy and clinical confidence.

Beam Shaping

Integrated solutions offering a wide range of advanced multi-leaf collimators to provide excellent beam-shaping capabilities across a wide range of clinical techniques.

Positioning and Immobilization

A comprehensive range of positioning and immobilization solutions that emphasize patient comfort, safety, reproducibility and optimal treatment set-up for the head and body.

Particle Therapy Solutions

Elekta particle therapy solutions offer comprehensive workflow and treatment systems to maximize your investment and support excellence in patient care.

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