- Quality Assurance Centre

The future of quality control at your fingertips.

Pro-Project is the only Polish company (and one of the few in the world) designing and producing phantoms for quality control of medical equipment for diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy. The intellectual capital of the company and the long-term cooperation with dentists, radiologists, physicists, medical technicians and other professionals associated with diagnostic imaging, have helped us to create a breakthrough solution that makes quality control simple and brought together in one place.

We want to present to you - Quality Control Center. This is the first ever fully automated service in the cloud, designed to facilitate and reduce the workload needed to perform quality control tests of diagnostic medical devices and to increase their accuracy and reliability.

How does work?

After the test, the resulting image of the phantom should be sent to The image is automatically analyzed and, as a result, a detailed report giving all the information that can be read from uploaded images is generated.

The results of all tests for a variety of diagnostic equipment are stored on our server, providing information not only about their present condition, but also about the results obtained earlier. This allows to assess the condition of the device over a longer period of time. Periodic reports and trend charts provide comprehensive documentation for reporting or control, eliminating the need for any documentation in paper version.

Why should you choose

The use of brings many benefits. First of all, higher performance and a noticeable reduction in costs. This online service saves you the work spent on the time-consuming image analysis, or the evaluation of test results. Services of an outside company performing QC tests becomes unnecessary, too. Additionally, there is an increase in the safety level of patients and staff according to the ALARA principle. It manifests itself mainly in the minimization of the risk of exposure to excessive radiation or misdiagnosis due to the low imaging quality of diagnostic equipment. The tests objectively indicate any irregularities in the equipment, thereby increasing confidence in the correctness of their performance. Additionally, the cloud is compatible with the phantoms we are manufacturing for all diagnostic equipment, which proves the universality of the solution. Finally, a very reasonable price, for such an innovative „product”.

At a time when quality control in all healthcare units is a requirement, portal creates a unique opportunity to simplify and gather quality control in one place and help you become independent of external companies performing QC tests.

Quality control has never been so simple.