Clinical Importance of Quality Assurance TG-142 for Medical Accelerators

Webinar presented by Doug Moseley PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto.

Clinical Importance of Quality Assurance TG-142 for Medical Accelerators

Wednesday 13th May, 16:00pm (BST)


Complex treatment delivery techniques allowing faster and more accurate treatments are rapidly gaining clinical acceptance. These complex deliveries require a comprehensive approach to quality assurance that takes into account the types of treatments being delivered and the range of devices being used for delivery. The commonly used AAPM TG-142 report provides some guidance, but this shouldn’t be considered a stand-alone QA programme; it is a small piece in a comprehensive QA programme. A comprehensive QA programme requires equipment and devices, software, personnel, training, data recording, historical review tools, standard operating procedures, approval mechanisms, and an understanding of how the tests apply to your treatment system. Successfully implementing TG-142 requires more than simply conducting the tests listed in the tables; understanding the natural variation of processes, preparation and planning is also needed so that all the necessary aspects are considered to allow for safe delivery of complex treatment delivery techniques. Join Dr Moseley as he discusses the planning and decisions that are needed to be made so that you can succeed at implementing your TG-142 programme.

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