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TAURUSblue the Worlds Most Advanced Virtual Simulation Laser System

TAURUSblue is LAP’s latest innovation that integrates blue lasers into the world’s most proven virtual simulation laser system. The new Blue Vision laser diodes reduce scattering of light and keep diffuse reflections to a minimum.


The lasers short wavelength minimises the scattering effect inherent in laser light skin absorption. This all but eliminates the physiological reasons for laser light diffusion on the surface of the skin. The laser lines appear finer, more in focus, and much clearer. The TAURUSblue consists of two lateral lasers and one overhead laser. These lasers project two moving axis (Sagittal, Coronal) and one stationary axis (Transverse). The TAURUSblue lasers may be wall, floor, or bridge mounted depending on the customer’s room requirements. TAURUSblue’s Blue Vision diodes are adjusted with an easy to use infrared remote control which controls each crosshair’s 6 axis adjustments. The TAURUSblue can be bundled with your choice of laser marking control software. The full featured CARINAsim, the reduced functionality CARINAiso system, and the convenient and portable CARINAnav tablet system are all available for use with the TAURUSblue laser system.

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