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CAEN S.p.A. Costruzioni Apparecchiature Elettroniche Nucleari is one of the most important industrial spin offs of the Italian Nuclear Physics Research. The company was founded in Viareggio (Italy) in 1979 by a group of senior engineers from the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare and today still designs and manufactures sophisticated electronic equipment for Nuclear Physics Research. CAEN is recognized world wide as one of the leading company in this field.

CAEN controls all the stages of the realization of its products, from design to production. It can collaborate with the experiments from the very early stage of their conception to the running period providing impeccable after sale support.
The quality of its products is monitored by the UNI EN ISO 9000-1 standard.
Years of intensive collaboration with the world’s major Research Centers have brought a continuous updating of its products’ technology.
A 25-years experience in the electronic integration field allows CAEN to face new challenges and new sectors as Aerospace, Microelectronics, and the latest emerging Radio Frequency Identification Technology.

In order to strengthen its presence in the North American territory, on January 1st 2005 CAEN opened its new branch company in the United States, CAEN Technologies Inc., with three sales offices: in New York , San Francisco and Orlando.