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Cambridge Technology, Inc. is an award winning, world leading manufacturer of closed-loop, galvanometer based optical scanning components

Cambridge Technology, Inc offers its customers solutions from scanning components to 2-axis and 3-axis scan heads and custom optical scanning subsystems and is the market leader in closed-loop galvanometer based optical scanning components and supporting products. Cambridge Technology products provide superior scanning performance to a wide variety of applications including laser marking, engraving, drilling, machining and treating, biomedical applications in Ophthalmology, OCT, DNA sequencing, dermatology, and confocal microscopy, laser entertainment, industrial laser projection, and any application where laser beam steering is required.

Cambridge Technology – Your Best Scanning Partner

From the day we invented galvanometer scanning over 40 years ago to the present times, Cambridge Technology has been perfecting the state-of-the-art in scanning technology, always staying one generation ahead of market requirements. Whether your primary need is:

  • High Speed
  • High Stability
  • Low cost
  • High Reliability
  • Small Size
  • High Precision
  • High Quality
  • High Performance

Cambridge Technology can provide a scanning solution optimized to your specific application.

While Cambridge Technology has always been the scanning innovator and leader, the key to our market success and growth and the resultant success of our customers has been our operating principles and mission to always be your best scanning partner - yesterday, today and in tomorrow’s emerging laser application markets.

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