Accelerators, beams and particles

Systems and components for creating, manipulating and testing beams of energetic particles.

Esrf 450x252

The ESRF designs a new generation of synchrotrons

ESRF 21 May 2015

Official Launch of Phase II of the Upgrade Programme

See the new Linear Variable Bandpass Filters at LASER World of PHOTONICS!

DELTA Optical Thin Film A/S 20 May 2015

In 2013 we complemented our successful Linear Variable VIS Bandpass Filter with the Linear Variable NIR Bandpass Filter.


Nanoparticle Workshop

British Vacuum Council 8 May 2015

We are extremely grateful for the support of the BVC whose contribution greatly aided in the success of our workshop.

Pwmay15cover 500

Physics World May 2015

IOP Publishing 7 May 2015

Digital issue now live

Fug klystron hvc beamline

High performance klystron power supply for new generation linear accelerator

FuG Elektronik GmbH 27 Apr 2015

In particle accelerators often the high frequent electromagnetic field generated by special kinds of electron tubes like klystrons or IOT is used to increase the energy of a particle beam

High Voltage module for Mass Spectrometers

High Voltage Module with reversible polarity - HCP 50-20000 MOD

FuG Elektronik GmbH 24 Apr 2015

A compact high voltage module has been designed by FuG Elektronik GmbH.


Allectra continuing to invest in custom manufacturing capabilities

Allectra Ltd. 15 Apr 2015

The Allectra Group has this year continued to invest in its custom design and manufacturing departments in both the UK and Germany.

Pwapr15cover 500

Physics World April 2015

IOP Publishing 2 Apr 2015

Learning by doing…The power of practical science

In this month’s edition of Physics World… “Amazing” physics demos to keep practical science alive

IOP Publishing 1 Apr 2015

With school students in England bracing themselves for new-style GCSE science exams that are based entirely on written tests, Physics World has teamed up with Neil Downie to put together “five amazing physics demonstrations” that highlight the value and importance of keeping experimentation at the centre of the science classroom.

Owisets prak

OWISets PRAK – From Theory to Practice

OWIS GmbH 17 Mar 2015

Staufen, 17.03.2015 ¦In research and industry OWIS® beam handling systems are standard in every laboratory.

pw march cover

Physics World March 2015

IOP Publishing 2 Mar 2015

Light in our lives: Colourful tales in the International Year of Light


Neutron facilities embrace an open approach

Tessella 27 Feb 2015

The bold decision to replace a myriad of separate software systems with a single open-source framework could yield a new standard for data processing at neutron sources worldwide

nutech stfc


The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) 13 Feb 2015


Interstellar technology throws light on spinning black holes

IOP Publishing 13 Feb 2015

The team responsible for the Oscar-nominated visual effects at the centre of Christopher Nolan’s epic, Interstellar, have turned science fiction into science fact by providing new insights into the powerful effects of black holes.


Physics World February 2014: Mining the Moon; The prospects for lunar commerce

IOP Publishing 2 Feb 2015

Also in this issue:* Features: The challenges of open data* News & analysis: The future for particle colliders* Careers: Life as an operations researcher

MS-4050/PH/ATLAS - Resistive Micromegas read-out boards for ATLAS New Small Wheel (NSW)

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) 15 Oct 2014

CERN have released a market survey for: MS-4050/PH/ATLAS - Resistive Micromegas read-out boards for ATLAS New Small Wheel (NSW)

Physics World Focus on Big Science (October 2014) - Cover image

Physics World Focus On Big Science 2014

IOP Publishing 1 Oct 2014

Advancing physics with the world’s next-generation facilities.

N-Series Vacuum Valves

N-Series Vacuum Valves

Nor-Cal Europe Ltd 3 Sep 2014

N-Series vacuum valves are available in both right angle and in-line formats in flanges sizes NW16 to NW50

McPherson delivers a Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectrophotometer to Ural Federal University Institute of Physics and Technology for direct optical measurements from 115 to 1800nm

McPherson 3 Sep 2014

Ural Federal University (UrFU) Institute of Physics and Technology in Yekaterinburg, Russia contracted McPherson (Chelmsford, MA USA), a manufacturer of ultraviolet spectrometers, to provide a VUVAS instrument in support of the UrFU scientific development program.

PHOTONIS Introduces NOCTURN Color Low-Light Camera

PHOTONIS USA 13 Aug 2014

USB3 Functionality with Day/Night Imaging

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