Accelerators, beams and particles

Systems and components for creating, manipulating and testing beams of energetic particles.


Visit us at the MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, 1st-3rd December

Angstrom Sciences, Inc. 9 Oct 2015

 Hynes Convention Center, Boston MA, Booth #1307

Measuring X-rays created by lightning strikes on an aircraft in-flight

IOP Publishing 9 Oct 2015

Scientists have recorded measurements of X-rays of energies up to 10 MeV caused by electrons accelerated in the intense electric fields inside a thundercloud.


Latest advances in Quantum Computing capabilities

Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology 8 Oct 2015

Webinar presented by Dr Edward Laird, Dr. Alessandro Bruno and Dr David Haynes/Dr John Burgoyne


Latest advances in Quantum Computing capabilities

Oxford Instruments NanoScience 8 Oct 2015

Webinar presented by Dr Edward Laird, Dr. Alessandro Bruno and Dr David Haynes/Dr John Burgoyne

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Physics World October 2015

IOP Publishing 7 Oct 2015

Deep thinkers: Meet the physicists who study caves

Pwneutron15 cover 500

Physics World Focus On: Neutron science

IOP Publishing 7 Oct 2015

Tools and techniques to push the field forward


PCO presents an unprecedented luminescence lifetime imaging camera: the pco.flim download

PCO Group 6 Oct 2015

New White Paper from PCO

BCN high power Microwave / RF signal generator model 845-H

Berkeley Neucleonics Develops New Class of High-Power Portable Benchtop Microwave / RF Signal Source

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation 2 Oct 2015

Berkeley Nucleonics, commercially releases a high performance, robust, and extremely cost effective high power Microwave / RF signal generator.

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Colorful displays by tuning of surface plasmon resonances download

Nanoscribe GmbH 29 Sep 2015

The team around Prof. Debashis Chanda from the University of Central Florida (US) has developed a reflective display exhibiting continued color tuning over a large range of the visible color spectrum.


Particle Tracing Simulations with COMSOL Multiphysics®

COMSOL, Inc. 28 Sep 2015

Webinar presented by Dr. Edmund Dickinson, Application Engineer at COMSOL. Wednesday 11th November, 3pm (GMT)


HORIBA Jobin Yvon Gratings Helps NASA Discover Icy Mountains on Pluto

HORIBA Scientific 28 Sep 2015

HORIBA Scientific, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of master and replica diffraction gratings for both high volume OEM instruments and cutting edge scientific applications.


High-Voltage 40 Watt Amplifier Series

TREK, INC. 18 Sep 2015

Trek’s 2200 Series delivers high performance with attractive pricing and is ideally suited for many R&D applications.

iseg NHS 6 channel NIM standard power supply

NHS - Multichannel NIM Power Supply video weblink

iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH 15 Sep 2015

The iseg NHS Power supply series is known for providing best high voltages with low ripple and noise at very high precision. Learn more about the intuitive front panel control with coloured TFT display in this short introduction video (link at bottom).

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Physics World September 2015

IOP Publishing 9 Sep 2015

The search goes on: LIGO upgrade narrows the hunt for gravitational waves

Pt100 resistor

Allectra is a High Vacuum and Ultra High Vacuum solutions manufacturer for Synchrotrons worldwide.

Allectra Ltd. 4 Sep 2015

Components include Sub-D feedthroughs, Pressure Burst Disks (including low pressure and ultra low pressure versions), Radiation Hard UHV cables and custom solutions.

In September’s Physics World: The secret life of scientific ideas…

IOP Publishing 1 Sep 2015

Many of the most memorable stories in the history of science revolve around the conscious realization of an idea – the "Eureka!" moment. But what triggers these moments?

Sa award photo

Goodfellow Award Presented at South African Institute of Physics Annual Conference

Goodfellow Cambridge Limited 4 Aug 2015

Dr. Zelalem N. Urgessa is this year’s winner of the Goodfellow Award for Best Publication by a PhD Student in the field of condensed matter and materials

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Physics World August 2015

IOP Publishing 3 Aug 2015

Maximizing your message: How scientists should talk to politicians

In August’s Physics World: Overcoming the ‘Curie Complex’

IOP Publishing 3 Aug 2015

In this month’s issue of Physics World, French physicist Hélène Langevin-Joliot – the granddaughter of Marie Curie – talks to reporter Tushna Commissariat about the scientific legacy of her family, delves into what’s known as the "Curie complex" and gives her own tips for scientific success.

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Gas Purging Keeps UV Systems Healthy download

McPherson 31 Jul 2015

New White Paper from McPherson

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