Accelerators, beams and particles

Systems and components for creating, manipulating and testing beams of energetic particles.


Physics World September 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 12 Sep 2018

On Top of The World; How science helps us conquer Everest

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OWIShop: The New OWIS®-Web-Shop is Online weblink

OWIS GmbH 20 Aug 2018

Create a product wishlist or request an offer at any time through our new online webshop.


Physics World July 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 25 Jul 2018

TIME; The Abiding Mystery


Physics World June 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 12 Jun 2018

The Hunt Is On; Seeking submarines from the air

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Physics World April 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 20 Apr 2018

Plants Physics; A blossoming field of research

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Allectra supply components for the ICARUS upgrade weblink

Allectra Ltd. 5 Apr 2018

Allectra has been selected to supply all the flanges with both signal and high voltage feedthroughs for the ICARUS upgrade at CERN.

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Physics World March 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 2 Mar 2018

Invisible battles; One physicist’s struggle with mental health

hapr0181 tokamak plasma fusion reactor

New RGA for harsh radiation environments weblink

Hiden Analytical Limited 29 Jan 2018

High energy particle physics applications will typically involve particle enclosure in sophisticated evacuated beam guidance systems.

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Physics World January 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 23 Jan 2018

COSMIC IMPACTColliding neutron starsa nd ripples through physics

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Beam-Splitters for use within Food Sorting Systems

Knight Optical 8 Jan 2018

Optical Sorting Systems are a widely utilized technology used within the food industry; most particularly used in processing harvested foods such as fruits and vegetables, most notably potatoes, and nuts. Optical sorting was designed to help improve product quality, maximize throughput and increase yields.

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Physics World December 2017 weblink

IOP Publishing 7 Dec 2017

 Watery wondersThe physics of making and melting ice

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Physics World November 2017 weblink

IOP Publishing 31 Oct 2017

Under the sea: physics below the waterlineBubbles and beyond - the challenges physicists face working in the oceans

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Physics World October 2017 weblink

IOP Publishing 3 Oct 2017

Tasty stuff: the physics of breadPhysicist and chef Nathan Myhrvold talks about his passion for the foodstuff we love to eat

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Physics World September 2017 weblink

IOP Publishing 1 Sep 2017

Grand finaleCassini spacecraft beams back final images before plunging into Saturn

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Tony Williams joins Omni Team

Omni-Technologies 9 Aug 2017

Dr Tony Williams joins Omni from June 2017

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New Principal - LatticeGear

Omni-Technologies 9 Aug 2017

Omni announces a new partnership with LatticeGear, Oregon, USA to Market, Distribute & Support LatticeGear’s innovative range of Cleaving and Scribing Equipment in Northern Europe.

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Calendar of Semiconductor and Related Conferences

Omni-Technologies 9 Aug 2017

Calendar of International Conferences in Semiconductor & Allied Industries

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Physics World August 2017 weblink

IOP Publishing 1 Aug 2017

When your sister or brother likes physics too - tales of rivalry and support

Pwjul17cover 500

Physics World July 2017

IOP Publishing 3 Jul 2017

Special issue: Our hazardous planetVolcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes and forest fires: how physicists are tackling some of the Earth’s worst dangers


CODE V optical design software with SpecBuilder and SpecEvaluator tools weblink

Synopsys 22 Jun 2017

Synopsys’ CODE V® version 11.0 optical design software includes the new SpecBuilder™ and SpecEvaluator™ tools to help manage design and performance goals.

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