Biophysics and bioengineering

Physics-based technologies to study biological systems and to diagnose and treat disease.

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From Imaging to Treatment: Initial Clinical Experience with an MRI Linac

ViewRay 18 Aug 2017

Carri Glide-Hurst, PhD DABR, Senior Staff Physicist, Director of Translational Research, Henry Ford Health System and Anthony Doemer, MS DABR, Senior Staff Physicist, Henry Ford Health System

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Medical Device Development in Partnership weblink

Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG 9 Aug 2017

Medical device company ITL Group specializes in the design, development and manufacture of life-saving medical technology, diagnostic devices and analytical instruments for a range of customers, from start-ups to well-established international companies.

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Physics World August 2017 weblink

IOP Publishing 1 Aug 2017

When your sister or brother likes physics too - tales of rivalry and support

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Physics World July 2017

IOP Publishing 3 Jul 2017

Special issue: Our hazardous planetVolcanoes, earthquakes, tornadoes and forest fires: how physicists are tackling some of the Earth’s worst dangers

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OWIS® manual positioners as standard with clamping weblink

OWIS GmbH 22 Jun 2017

OWIS® positioning systems are designed for precise positioning of components in optical systems.

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OWIS® Elevator Stages HV(M) 100N: manual and motorised versions optimised weblink

OWIS GmbH 22 Jun 2017

The OWIS® elevator stages of the series HVM are characterised by a low construction and a high repeatability.

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OWIS® new grid boards: universal, light, individual weblink

OWIS GmbH 22 Jun 2017

In June 2017, on the occasion of the exhibition LASER World of Photonics, OWIS GmbH presents a new form of grid board.


CODE V optical design software with SpecBuilder and SpecEvaluator tools weblink

Synopsys 22 Jun 2017

Synopsys’ CODE V® version 11.0 optical design software includes the new SpecBuilder™ and SpecEvaluator™ tools to help manage design and performance goals.


Cobolt TwistTM 457 nm: 200 mW CW & single frequency

Cobolt AB 22 Jun 2017

Cobolt AB, Swedish manufacturer of high performance lasers, announces the release of a higher power model of the Cobolt TwistTM 457?nm on the 05-01 Series platform.


AbsoluteLambda™: precision frequency control for C-WAVE, the CW tunable laser

Cobolt AB 22 Jun 2017

HÜBNER Photonics announces a new feature of ultimate wavelength control, called AbsoluteLambda™, on its award winning C-WAVE CW tunable laser.

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Physics World May 2017 weblink

IOP Publishing 14 Jun 2017

Simulating the universeHow to model the cosmos with Einstein’s equations

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Physics World June 2017 weblink

IOP Publishing 14 Jun 2017

Chalk and talkThe enduring appeal of the blackboard

Oxford Instruments announces winners of the 2017 Nicholas Kurti Science Prize weblink

Oxford Instruments NanoScience 29 Mar 2017

Oxford Instruments is delighted to announce Dr Francois Parmentier of Service de Physique de l’Etat Condensé, Université Paris-Saclay, France and Dr Erwann Bocquillon of Laboratoire Pierre Aigrain, France – as the joint winners of the 2017 Nicholas Kurti Science Prize.


81st IUVSTA Workshop on Response of Biological Materials to Plasma Treated Medium

British Vacuum Council 6 Mar 2017 | Updated: 14 Jun 2017

12th to 16th March 2017, Rogla, Slovenia

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Physics World March 2017

IOP Publishing 27 Feb 2017

Special issue: coding and computing

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IOP Publishing 24 Feb 2017

IOP Publishing introduces article download cover sheet advertising

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Physics World February 2017

IOP Publishing 26 Jan 2017

Ancient mystery: How scientists are modelling the mechanics of dinosaur motion

Pwjan17cover 500

Physics World January 2017

IOP Publishing 19 Dec 2016

Biological control – can magnetic fields switch neurons on and off?

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Physics World October 2016

IOP Publishing 23 Nov 2016

From weapons to white dwarfs: How military labs are opening up to the world

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