2D Materials

Graphene and other 2D materials offer exciting opportunities for a new generation of optical and electronic devices.

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Tomotherapy planning in RayStation weblink

RaySearch Laboratories AB 22 Feb 2018

Webinar presented by Misty Lehman-Davis CMD, BS, RT (R)(T), Senior Application Specialist, RaySearch Americas

horiba nano spectroscopy

NanoRaman: Correlated Tip-Enhanced Optical Spectroscopy and SPM weblink

HORIBA Scientific 18 Jan 2018

Webinar presented by Dr Marc Chaigneau, AFM/Raman product manager

electric cooler1

Modelling the Thermoelectric Effect weblink

COMSOL 17 Jan 2018

Webinar presented by Andrew Young, Technical Manager, COMSOL


Service After the Sale: Extending the Life and Function of Your Custom Deposition System

PVD Products, Inc 20 Mar 2018

At PVD, installing a custom deposition system at a customer’s facility signals the beginning—rather than the end—of that customer relationship. We’ve been known to return months and even decades later to upgrade or service a tool, expanding the utility of our thin film deposition systems.


Industry Certifications weblink

Master Bond Inc. 16 Mar 2018

 Epoxy Systems Pass Military Standard Tests for Thermal Stability


HIKVISION 29 Megapixel Area Scan Cameras weblink

Laser Support Services 16 Mar 2018

Scorpion Vision showcase the HikVision Area Scan Camera. Brought to you by Laser Support Services Ltd.


New Product: MasterSil 170 Gel weblink

Master Bond Inc. 15 Mar 2018

Master Bond MasterSil 170 Gel is a two component system with excellent flowability for potting and encapsulation applications.


How to Choose the Right Adhesive weblink

Master Bond Inc. 15 Mar 2018

Join Master Bond experts at NASA Tech Briefs


TECH tip of the week weblink

Master Bond Inc. 15 Mar 2018

Can conductive epoxy replace lead soldering?


How to Apply Super Fast Curing Epoxy weblink

Master Bond Inc. 15 Mar 2018

Using Epoxy System EP65HT-1


Royal Society of Chemistry - NPL Symposium

British Vacuum Council 14 Mar 2018

Nanoparticle concentration – critical needs and state-of-the-art measurement, 24 April 2018, Burlington House, London


IUVSTA anniversary in Geneva: registration for the event in the Globe

British Vacuum Council 14 Mar 2018

Monday 18 June 2018, IUVSTA

huawei figure5 cropped

Designing Energy- Efficient Photonic Switches to Support Growing Network Traffic weblink

COMSOL 13 Mar 2018

Thermo-optic silicon photonic switches are under development at Huawei Technologies Canada for the communications and high-performance computing industries. Design optimization via numerical analysis aims to minimize power consumption and maximize switching speed.


Quadrupole probe analysers for UHV/XHV weblink

Hiden Analytical Limited 13 Mar 2018

The Hiden RGA series of quadrupole mass spectrometers for in-vacuum process analysis is further extended to include systems for applications from general vacuum monitoring through to specialised environmental and R&D applications.

fliratspr179 image a

High Temperature Thermal Imaging through Glass weblink

FLIR Systems 13 Mar 2018

FLIR Systems introduces the FLIR A6262sc – a high performance SWIR camera with very special ablilities. Using a proprietary VisGaAs detector, that provides extended spectral coverage down into the visible range, enables the FLIR A6262sc to uniquely make measurements through glass**.


Exhibition: analytica 2018 (Munich, Germany) – Asahi Spectra weblink

Asahi Spectra Co., Ltd. 12 Mar 2018

April 10-13 2018, Messe Munchen, Hall A2 Booth No. 328


Vote online: Fast Multi-Axis Photonics Alignment Systems from PI in the Final Round of the PIC-Award 2018 weblink

Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG 12 Mar 2018

As part of the PIC conference, which takes place in Brussels on the 10th and 11th of April, innovative companies will be honored with the PIC-Award for products and solutions with highly integrated photonic circuits (PIC - photonic integrated circuits).


What can you learn with McPherson? weblink

McPherson 9 Mar 2018

McPherson is pleased to announce the spring 2018 hands-on learning session.

pwmar18cover 500

Physics World March 2018 weblink

IOP Publishing 2 Mar 2018

Invisible battles; One physicist’s struggle with mental health

ihp fig. 1

Efficient wafer handling with the latest vacuum technology weblink

Busch (UK) Ltd 2 Mar 2018

The IHP – Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics – in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany is a member of the Leibniz Association.

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