2D Materials

Graphene and other 2D materials offer exciting opportunities for a new generation of optical and electronic devices.

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witec rise hematite

RISE -The Complete Picture of Material Properties: Correlative Raman-SEM Imaging weblink

WITec GmbH 17 Oct 2017

Webinar presented by Dr. Ute Schmidt – Applications Manager at WITec GmbH


Using AQUA to standardize linac QA at the UMCU weblink

Elekta 16 Oct 2017

Webinar presented by Jochem Wolthaus, PhD, Utrecht University, University Medical Center Utrecht

fliratsepromo2017 i

Super Resolution Thermal Imaging Technique weblink

FLIR Systems 20 Oct 2017

FLIR Systems has published a technical note describing how its unique UltraMax technology combines the information from multiple original thermal images into an image with higher resolution and less noise.


Lung treatment with pencil beam scanning at the Teaxs Center for Proton Therapy weblink

IBA Dosimetry America 20 Oct 2017

J. Sturgeon, C. Chang, A. K. Lee - Texas Center for Proton TherapyF. Dessy - Ion Beam Applications


Fast & Intrinsically Safe Storage Tank Monitoring weblink

FLIR Systems 18 Oct 2017

FLIR Systemshas published an application note that describes how a Belgian storage tank inspection company are using the FLIR GFx320 optical gas imaging camera to monitor for fugitive emissions in hazardous locations.


Exchangeable Lens OGI Cameras Enhance Leak Detection weblink

FLIR Systems 18 Oct 2017

FLIR Systemshas announced that its GF-series Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras are now available with interchangeable 24-degree, 14.5-degree and 6-degree lenses. This new flexibility has been introduced to maximise the gas leak finding capabilities of these popular cameras.

Activity Report of the IUVSTA Nanometer Structure Division (NSD) for ECM 126

British Vacuum Council 18 Oct 2017

This written report has been prepared by the division officers for the ECM 126, to be held between 29th and 1st October 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and covers the period between ECM 125 and ECM 126.

heat sink final1

Simulating Heat Transfer with COMSOL®: Knowing Your Material Properties Webinar weblink

COMSOL 17 Oct 2017

Webinar presented by Louise Wright, Principal Research Scientist, Data Science Group, NPL and Andrew Young, Applications Engineer, COMSOLThis webinar is sponsored by: COMSOL and The National Physical Laboratory (NPL)


Light, Strong, and Defect-Free Laser Welding: Perfecting the Process for the Automotive Industry weblink

COMSOL 17 Oct 2017

Between the needs of reducing emissions, constantly improving safety, and keeping costs low, the automotive industry faces challenges arising from recent shifts toward eco-friendly vehicles. Engineers at ArcelorMittal are optimizing the use of material for automotive design that meets safety standards and decreases environmental footprint.

new spotlight logo

Plane Mirrors for Laser Distance Measurements

Knight Optical (USA) 16 Oct 2017

Knight Optical can offer you Plane Mirrors (general, ?/1 and ?/4), for use within Laser Distance Measurement Applications in a range of materials such as Soda-lime float glass, white float glass, and BK7 glass.

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Fresnel Lenses for concentrated photovoltaic applications

Knight Optical (USA) 16 Oct 2017

Knight Optical can offer you Stock and Custom Fresnel Lenses, for concentrated photovoltaic applications in a range of materials such as

new spotlight logo

Colour Glass Filters for ANPR Camera Systems.

Knight Optical (USA) 16 Oct 2017

Automatic Number Place Recognition Cameras otherwise known as ANPRs;

ep41 s 5 adhesive flashback

Adhesive Flashback: weblink

Master Bond Inc. 5 Oct 2017

Master Bond EP41S-5 Succeeds EP35CA for Key Joining Applications


Products Focus weblink

Master Bond Inc. 5 Oct 2017

…adhesives for your specific needs


2017 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit / Booth No. 1028 weblink

Asahi Spectra Co., Ltd. 4 Oct 2017

November 28-30 2017, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA, USA

pwoct17cover 500

Physics World October 2017 weblink

IOP Publishing 3 Oct 2017

Tasty stuff: the physics of breadPhysicist and chef Nathan Myhrvold talks about his passion for the foodstuff we love to eat


Manipulate And Control Sound: How Mathematical Modeling Supports Cutting-Edge Acoustic Metamaterials Research weblink

COMSOL 3 Oct 2017

From consumer audio to ultrasound imaging, the implications of research into metamaterial structures for acoustic cloaking are far-reaching and fascinating.


XHV gauge head: 3B-Gauge weblink

Japan Vacuum Instruments Ltd. 2 Oct 2017

 Measurable as low as 10-12Pa(~10-14mbar)

steve award pr sept 25 2017

Montana Optics Innovator Award Presented to Steve Birrell of Quantum Composers Inc. weblink

Quantum Composers Inc. 29 Sep 2017

Bozeman Montana USA: The Optics Innovator Award was presented in a ceremony at the Optech conference Monday night to Steve Birrell, CEO and founder of the laser and photonics company Quantum Composers.

launch of the nanosurf webshop

Nanosurf launches webshop weblink

Nanosurf AG 29 Sep 2017

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