2D Materials

Graphene and other 2D materials offer exciting opportunities for a new generation of optical and electronic devices.

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Applications of a new Transform Equation download

Calcgate Software 13 Apr 2017

A new transform equation can be used to calculate the exact area under the curve for any integrand variable as it varies in terms of some differential variable.

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Article download cover sheet advertising download

IOP Publishing 24 Feb 2017

IOP Publishing introduces iopscience.org article download cover sheet advertising

Pic 3 augmented reality

An extended view into the future of industrial processes weblink

Leybold Vacuum GmbH 20 Apr 2017

Leybold Leybold simplifies repairs and maintenance through Augmented Reality


EP45HTAN Delivers Strong Bonds for Demanding Aerospace Applications weblink

Master Bond Inc. 20 Apr 2017

Can an adhesive maintain its strength when bonding titanium to carbon-carbon composites under extreme temperature and harsh conditions?

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Park Systems, World Leader Manufacturer of Atomic Force Microscopes Announces Opening of European Headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany weblink

Park Systems 19 Apr 2017

Park Systems, world-leader in atomic force microscopy (AFM) recently announced the opening of their European Headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany and appointment of Ludger Weisser as General Manager.


Discover the Advantage of QPS Stability

Extrel CMS 19 Apr 2017

Extrel’s newest Quadrupole Power Supplies (QPS) deliver unrivalled long-term stability.

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Selecting the Optimal Quadrupole Size

Extrel CMS 19 Apr 2017

Whether you are using a quadrupole as a mass spectrometer analyzer,or to size select ions for your experiment, it is important to use the quadrupole that will give you the best results.

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Max300-RTG download

Extrel CMS 19 Apr 2017

Industrial Process Mass Spectrometer

8600 vsm lake shore

Cryogenic probe stations and new VSM to be focus of Lake Shore MRS Spring exhibit

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. 18 Apr 2017

Visit Booth 300 to learn more about precision systems and instruments for material characterization

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MasterSil 157 weblink

Master Bond Inc. 18 Apr 2017

Ideal for potting and encapsulation applications, MasterSil 157 is a two component silicone system that features low viscosity and low exotherm.


FlexPDE 7 Preview

PDE Solutions Inc 18 Apr 2017

Here are some of the new features in version 7:


LVRD10 Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

Omega 18 Apr 2017

New from Omega the LVRD10 Series of general purpose guided wave radar level transmitters provide continuous level measurement with a 4 to 20 Ma signal output.


The New HHTP21 Handheld Particulate Pollution Meter from Omega Engineering

Omega 18 Apr 2017

The HHTP21 particle pollution meter and counter is ideal for monitoring particulate pollution in department stores, burning plants, petrochemical facilities, thermal power plants, restaurants, hospitals, mining facilities metal refineries and commercial and public buildings.

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High Speed, High Sensitivity Thermal Cameras weblink

FLIR Systems 12 Apr 2017

FLIR Systems has introduced two high-speed, longwave thermal cameras for demanding science and research applications, the FLIR X6900sc SLS and FLIR X8500sc SLS.

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Product Spotlight: Supreme 3HTND-2DM weblink

Master Bond Inc. 10 Apr 2017

Developed for chip-on-board encapsulation applications, Master Bond Supreme 3HTND-2DM is a rapid curing, toughened, one part epoxy system that can be used for dam-and-fill.


Adhesives for Electronic Applications weblink

Master Bond Inc. 6 Apr 2017

Master Bond custom formulates epoxy adhesives, sealants, coatings, potting and encapsulation compounds to meet the rigorous needs of the electronic industry.


TOPTICA Photonics and Menlo Systems sign license agreement for optical frequency combs weblink

TOPTICA Photonics AG 6 Apr 2017

TOPTICA Photonics AG and Menlo Systems GmbH announce that they have entered into a license agreement for the use of the Patent US 6,724,788 “Method and device for generating radiation with stabilized frequency”.


Josè-Carrera Centre for Somatic Cell Therapy

Busch (UK) Ltd 3 Apr 2017

Reliable Vacuum Supply for Isokinetic Sampling in Clean Rooms


New Omega RH700 logging multi-functional thermo-hygrometer

Omega 31 Mar 2017

The New Omega RH700 precision invasive/non-invasive moisture meter with temperature, humidity (RH) and moisture readings is ideal for water damage restoration contractors, facility maintenance, professionals and HVAC system installers/technicians.


Intrinsically Safe infrared temperature sensor

Omega 31 Mar 2017

The New Omega OSAT-151-C-LT-05 is an intrinsically safe infrared temperature sensor.

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