Electron microscopy

Using an electron beam to image a specimen can achieve a resolution down to about 50 pm. Includes transmission and scanning versions.

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Acknowledgement for investing into research weblink

Leybold Vacuum GmbH 14 Jun 2017

Inauguration of a Leybold Conference and Reception Room at Carnegie Mellon University Nanofabrication Facility.

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New Lake Shore eBook Discusses the FORC Measurement and Analysis Method weblink

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. 16 May 2017

First-order-reversal-curve (FORC) measurements have become indispensable for characterizing interactions and coercivity distributions in a wide array of magnetic materials.

Lake shore thz probe arm

Lake Shore exhibiting THz measurement solutions at two European conferences

Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc. 28 Sep 2016

THz characterization system, new cryogenic THz probe arm to be featured at IRMMW-THz and EuMW   


SSP-354 Reactor

Nanotech Innovations 14 Jul 2016 | Updated: 3 Aug 2017

The versatile Nanotech Innovations SSP-354 provides a reliable source of carbon nanotubes for research projects and product development, while serving as a robust educational tool for academic labs.


SUM-40 Ultrasonic Smart Motor

Dynamic Structures and Materials 17 May 2016 | Updated: 3 Aug 2017

The SUM-40 is a precision rotary smart motor. It combines high torque, precision, zero backlash, and zero power hold. The SUM-40 houses a motor, driver, and encoder in a compact package (NEMA 17).

LOT-Quantum Design Group announce European representation of TEM Cameras from Direct Electron

LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd 16 May 2016

The TEM cameras of our new supplier Direct Electron (DE) offer unparalleled flexibility.

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