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Optical components and measurement systems, as well as different types of lasers for a full range of research and commercial applications.



PHOTONIS Introduces a New High Quantum Efficiency Photocathode download


New Hi-QE Photocathode increases QE 50% over S20 types. A new photocathode designed to provide a unique combination of extremely low dark counts, fast response time, and a high quantum efficiency.

Ultra-compact, narrow linewidth 08-01 Series by Cobolt

Cobolt AB 19 Jan 2016

Cobolt AB, Swedish manufacturer of high performance lasers, introduces the 08-01 Series of ultra-compact, narrow linewidth lasers, ideal for high resolution Raman spectroscopy applications.

Opto Diode Introduces Family of Near-Infrared Detectors

Opto Diode Corporation 18 Jan 2016

Opto Diode Corporation, an ITW company, introduces the NXIR family of photodiodes, designed specifically for back-facet laser-monitoring applications that require improved performance in the near-infrared (NIR) spectrum from 700 nm to 1100 nm.

Fluid and Gas Feedthroughs / Ultrahigh Vacuum Service to 1x10E-10 Torr

Accu-Glass Products, Inc. 22 Dec 2015

Accu-Glass Products’ fluid feedthroughs are ideally suited for the efficient delivery of gases and/or cooling liquids into high and ultrahigh vacuum systems. Fluid feedthroughs are available in single or dual seamless tube configurations in 1/8 or 1/4 inch diameters, with wall thicknesses of .028 and .035 inch respectively.

ESS High Voltage Power Supply Module

iseg ESS High Voltage Power Supply - Current Sink and Source for Detector supply weblink

iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH 17 Dec 2015

The ESS module is a single channel high voltage power supply in MMS-system (Eurocard format) with 2-quadrant capabilities. It can be used as unipolar current sink and source, which perfectly covers requirements of electron optical systems or capacitive loads. 

Full line of complete laser micro-machining heads for semiconductor applications

New Line of Laser Micro-Machining Heads Announced by Quantum Composers

Quantum Composers Inc. 11 Dec 2015

New, Modular Micro-Machining heads to allow faster integration and easy maintenance for Semiconductor applications

A New Component Toolbox for 2 Micron Fiber Lasers

Gooch & Housego 8 Dec 2015

Gooch & Housego now offers a full suite of passive and active components to enable high power, all-fiber laser systems at 2 µm for use in materials processing, surgery and sensing.

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The Manufacturer - OEM Relationship: Our commitment and policy promise

Laser Quantum Ltd 12 Nov 2015

Laser Quantum has built its growing laser business by targeting its products to two distinct customer types: the researcher in a laboratory advancing scientific knowledge, and the OEM customer that integrates our laser into their technology.

Semtock gtp

New Semrock Tunable Edge Filters Give Spectral Flexibility at a Fraction of the Cost

Semrock, Inc. 10 Nov 2015

Semrock has marked the launch of the new VersaChrome Edge™ tunable long- and short-pass filters. By offering patented technology with virtually unlimited spectral flexibility for fluorescence microscopy, hyperspectral imaging, spectroscopy applications, as well as ...


Standard Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Huihong Technologies Limited 26 Oct 2015

Fiber optic patch cords are important components used in fiber optic communication systems, they are the media between equipment.


Do you use integrated lasers? weblink

Laser Quantum Ltd 4 Dec 2015

What do you want from a laser supplier? Is price the only deciding factor?


Join Laser Quantum at Photonics West download weblink

Laser Quantum Ltd 5 Feb 2016

We at Laser Quantum will be exhibiting at the upcoming Photonics West and BiOS exhibition in San Francisco, USA, between 13-14 and 16-18 February.

Flame-NIR Spectrometer

Introductory Offer on the Amazing New Flame-NIR Spectrometer

Ocean Optics, Inc. 4 Feb 2016

Already a fraction of the size and cost of benchtop NIR systems, the breakthrough Flame-NIR spectrometer is now available at a 10% discount.

Toptica dfc core

TOPTICA to present latest developments in high-end laser technology at BiOS/Photonics West

TOPTICA Photonics AG 2 Feb 2016

New products to be shown at the Moscone Center in San Francisco from February 13th – 18th include ultra-stable diode lasers and powerful femtosecond fiber lasers, as well as frequency combs and terahertz systems.


Physics World February 2016

IOP Publishing 1 Feb 2016

Bodily functions: The new science of network physiology

iseg high voltage at Super Kamiokande - a review weblink

iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH 25 Jan 2016

A short case study review of how iseg HV modules are applied at the Super Kamiokande Neutrino Detection experiment in Japan.

Meet DELTA Optical Thin Film - We exhibit and participate at many events around the world. weblink

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S 19 Jan 2016

Do you want to see our filters in action or do you want to discuss our filters for your application with our qualified staff?


Angstrom Partners have done incredible things in 2015

Angstrom Engineering 30 Dec 2015

Angstrom Engineering sells high quality vacuum deposition systems for OLED, organic photovoltaic, and other thin film processes using thermal evaporation, ebeam evaporation and sputter deposition technologies which can be custom designed to meet your needs.

Slowing Atoms to Accelerate Technology

Gooch & Housego 8 Dec 2015

Once the domain of the physicist, laser cooling and trapping of atoms is poised to escape the lab through a project led by Gooch & Housego.

Custom DN40CF port aligner

Allectra has designed a custom port aligner for Edinburgh University weblink

Allectra Ltd. 3 Dec 2015

Our customer needed to correct a sample loading misalignment and was looking for a port aligner for his load lock system.


Leica Microsystems and NKT Photonics sign supercontinuum laser supply contract

NKT Photonics A/S 26 Nov 2015

Leica Microsystems signed a  14-month supply contract with NKT Photonics to deliver significant numbers of its market-leading SuperK EXTREME supercontinuum lasers.

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