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Optical components and measurement systems, as well as different types of lasers for a full range of research and commercial applications.



SFP Fiber Optic Transceivers

Huihong Technologies Limited 7 Oct 2015

SFP Fiber Optic Transceivers interfaces a network device motherboard (for a switch, router or similar device) to a networking cable.


Quantum Composers Introduces New Mid-Infrared Lasers with Advances in Energy Stability

Quantum Composers Inc. 29 Sep 2015

Quantum Composers, a manufacturer of diode pumped solid state lasers and laser technology, has unveiled a mid-infrared laser featuring the new SOPO (Stable Optical Parametric Oscillator) technology.

Melles Griot Helium Neon Lasers

Get more for less online with Melles Griot HeNe Lasers

Melles Griot 25 Sep 2015

Melles Griot Helium Neon Lasers are now temporarily marked down with competitive pricing and lead times and to provide what your system requires.

iseg NHS 6 channel NIM standard power supply

NHS - Multichannel NIM Power Supply video weblink

iseg Spezialelektronik GmbH 15 Sep 2015

The iseg NHS Power supply series is known for providing best high voltages with low ripple and noise at very high precision. Learn more about the intuitive front panel control with coloured TFT display in this short introduction video (link at bottom).


New: The low cost OWIS® translation stages VT 30: best quality for reliable operation

OWIS GmbH 14 Sep 2015

The new OWIS® translation stages VT 30 are especially suitable for simple but precise tasks, for example, for exact adjustment and positioning of small parts and samples.


The only 532nm high power pump laser with direct power modulation for CEP stabilisation

Laser Quantum Ltd 9 Sep 2015

Laser Quantum’s finesse pure CEP is the first and only 532nm high power pump laser on the market that provides direct modulation input to its output power.


ISLA (Intergrated Disruptive Components for 2µm Fibre Laser) Project Concludes

Gooch & Housego 17 Aug 2015

G&H was project co-ordinator with project partners II-VI Laser Enterprises, JDSU, ROFIN, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Southampton, and Vivid Components.


Reach high power levels with TOPTICA’s next generation femtosecond fiber lasers!

TOPTICA Photonics AG 17 Aug 2015

The FemtoFiber ultra NIR is a cost-effective, turnkey laser system that provides femtosecond laser pulses of more than 500 mW average power and an excellent beam quality.

Fliratspr113 lowresimage

Offshore Petrochemical Leak Detector

FLIR Systems 3 Aug 2015

FLIR Systems reports on its GF320 thermal camera - a preventative maintenance tool purpose designed to spot leaks in piping, flanges and connections in offshore petrochemical operations. The thermal camera is proven to effectively rapidly scan large areas and pinpoint leaks in real time.


Phase-stable live demonstration of novel frequency comb technology at LASER

TOPTICA Photonics AG 14 Jul 2015

TOPTICA presented the recently introduced optical frequency comb to the public for the first time at the LASER World of Photonics 2015 exhibition.


Waveguiding and detecting structure for surface plasmon polaritons on silicon

Toyohashi University of Technology 25 Jun 2014

(Toyohashi, Japan, 25 June 2014) Toyohashi Tech researchers have developed a simple, low-loss waveguide for Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPPs) that is applicable to nanoscale photonic integrated circuits on silicon.


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Physics World October 2015

IOP Publishing 7 Oct 2015

Deep thinkers: Meet the physicists who study caves

Back to school with IOP Publishing’s Education Week

IOP Publishing 6 Oct 2015

To celebrate students returning to schools, colleges and universities around the world, IOP Publishing has collated some of the best research into physics education from its journals.

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Meet Delta Optical Thin Film A/S at Photonex 2015 in Coventry!

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S 6 Oct 2015

Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th - Ricoh Arena, Coventry

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Colorful displays by tuning of surface plasmon resonances download

Nanoscribe GmbH 29 Sep 2015

The team around Prof. Debashis Chanda from the University of Central Florida (US) has developed a reflective display exhibiting continued color tuning over a large range of the visible color spectrum.


Low-dimensional Materials Characterization with Correlative Microscopy: Raman-AFM-SNOM-SEM

WITec GmbH 18 Sep 2015

Webinar presented by Dr. Ute Schmidt, Applications Manager, WITec GmbH, 15th October 3pm (BST)

Using magnetic permeability to store information

IOP Publishing 18 Sep 2015

Scientists have made promising steps in developing a new magnetic memory technology, which is far less susceptible to corruption by magnetic fields or thermal exposure than conventional memory.

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Laser Quantum’s continual profit growth leads to further global expansion

Laser Quantum Ltd 15 Sep 2015

Laser Quantum is expanding both its UK and USA facilities

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Physics World September 2015

IOP Publishing 9 Sep 2015

The search goes on: LIGO upgrade narrows the hunt for gravitational waves

Hapr0128 qga 750px

Gas Analysers Feature Broad Pressure Range

Hiden Analytical Limited 8 Sep 2015

Hiden Analytical’s QGA systems are suited for direct real-time analysis, quantification and control of gas related processes ranging in pressure from 100 mbar to 30 bar.


OWIS® offers new pin-column system – for even more flexibility on optical tables

OWIS GmbH 7 Sep 2015

For 35 years now, one of the main principles of the OWIS GmbH has been, to provide its customers with maximum flexibility when using OWIS® products. With the revised columns SL 12/16 and pins STF 15 this idea has been implemented progressively.

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