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Optical components and measurement systems, as well as different types of lasers for a full range of research and commercial applications.


Toptica CTL

100 nm of mode-hop free tuning! weblink

TOPTICA Photonics AG 21 Jul 2014

TOPTICA introduces a new family of continuously tunable diode lasers.

New Intensified CCD Camera Provides Quadruple the Resolution of Other Available ICCD Camera Systems

New Intensified CCD Camera Provides Quadruple the Resolution of Other Available ICCD Camera Systems! weblink

Princeton Instruments 27 Jun 2014

Princeton Instruments is pleased to introduce a new member of the PI-MAX®4 family of scientific ICCD cameras: PI-MAX4:2048f, the world’s first 2k x 2k resolution fiber-optically coupled, intensified camera.

Cambridge Technology, Inc.

New 24-Bit Scan Controller and User Interface – ScanMasterTM Controller & ScanMasterTM Software

Cambridge Technology, Inc. 24 Jun 2014

ScanMasterTM Controller and Software unleash full potential of Cambridge Technology’s best in class motor technology for the most demanding laser applications.

Leysop Ltd Faraday Optical Isolators

Faraday Optical Isolators weblink

Leysop Ltd. 27 May 2014

The Faraday effect causes a rotation of the plane of light polarization when a light beam passes through a material in the presence of an axial magnetic field. The effect is similar to that produced when a light ray passes through an optically active material such as quartz

Leysop Ltd Ultra-Fast Pockels Cell UPC

Ultra-Fast Pockels Cell (UPC) weblink

Leysop Ltd. 27 May 2014

For most normal applications such as Q-switching and laser beam modulation, the standard EM500 and EM500M ranges of longitudinal Pockels cells are very adequate. Rise-times achieveable with these devices can be easily obtained in the range of 500ps and upward with suitable electrical drive waveforms.

Magritek announces Spinsolve Phosphorus, the world’s first Phosphorus-31 capable benchtop NMR spectroscopy system

Magritek 15 Jul 2014

Magritek, a leading provider of compact NMR and MRI instruments, is pleased to announce the Spinsolve Phosphorus, the world’s first Phosphorus-31 capable benchtop NMR spectroscopy system.

Space Ready Zoom Lenses

Resolve Optics Ltd. 4 Jul 2014

Resolve Optics has supplied a number of non-browning zoom lens to the Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office (SSCO) at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

DILAS COMPACT-EVOLUTION - Diode Laser System at 1.2kW

DILAS Diodenlaser GmbH 30 Jun 2014

DILAS, the diode laser company expands its COMPACT-EVOLUTION diode laser system to deliver 1200 watt output power from a 300µm (0.22NA) fiber at 976nm.

New products Year 2014: Mounted components in High Tech materials


95 high qualified collaborators established 65 years ago has developed during the last past months of this year some new high precision mounted components as picture enclosed which are used in new High-Tech growing markets .

Why have one colour when you can have two? The double diode technology from CYRPA is the solution!

CYRPA 23 Jun 2014

The double diode technology is available only in the CYRPA product range for the motorised positioning lasers for CT scanners simulation room and linear accelerator treatment room.


Waveguiding and detecting structure for surface plasmon polaritons on silicon

Toyohashi University of Technology 25 Jun 2014

(Toyohashi, Japan, 25 June 2014) Toyohashi Tech researchers have developed a simple, low-loss waveguide for Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPPs) that is applicable to nanoscale photonic integrated circuits on silicon.


Swiss veteran in laser technology

ROFIN-SINAR Laser GmbH 22 Jul 2014

Switzerland – banks, cheese, chocolate, fondue and mountains come to mind. If you took a survey of what are some typical Swiss products, then definitely watches and the world famous Swiss army knife would be among the top ten.

IDEX Optics & Photonics Marketplace Offers New Melles Griot Electro-mechanical Shutters

Melles Griot 22 Jul 2014

IDEX Optics & Photonics Marketplace now offers five newly redesigned Melles Griot shutters that present improved reliability, lowered cost and faster performance.

New exhibition booth

TRIOPTICS GmbH 21 Jul 2014

A new TROPTICS exhibition booth was presented on this year’s Optatec in Frankfurt.

Publication: High Precision Mounted Lens Production - Directional Adhesive Bonding vers Alignment Turning

TRIOPTICS GmbH 21 Jul 2014

Modern optic systems require modern assembly and joining techniques. The trend of keeping production dimensions as small as possible while maintaining or increasing optic imaging capacity leaves little room for mechanical equipment to align the individual elements in the end product.

JPK reports on the use of the NanoWizard® AFM system at Swansea University to study the structural, chemical, optical and electronic properties of materials on the nanoscale

JPK Instruments AG 15 Jul 2014

JPK Instruments, a world-leading manufacturer of nanoanalytic instrumentation for research in life sciences and soft matter, reports on the use of their AFM system, the NanoWizard® in the Physics Department at Swansea University.

Vacuum Technology innovation crucial for Allectra

Allectra Ltd. 9 Jul 2014

Anyone who uses Vacuum as part of the production process knows that new solutions are always being required.

Allectra's relationship with Synchrotrons

Allectra Ltd. 9 Jul 2014

Allectra GmbH was set up in Berlin in 2002 to manufacture and supply high quality components for Vacuum technology. Today, Allectra has a global network with main offices in Germany, the UK, France and Italy.

DECTRIS Ltd. introduces three new performance classes of Hybrid Photon Counting X-Ray Detectors

DECTRIS Ltd. 7 Jul 2014

The PILATUS3 R, S, and X series extend DECTRIS’ product portfolio and offer optimal performance for a wide range of X-ray applications and users.

Inrad Optics, Inc. Wins Multiple Awards for Development of Nuclear Detection Material

Inrad Optics 30 Jun 2014

Inrad Optics, Inc. (OTCBB-INRD) was honored with two prestigious awards for research and development performed under contract for the Department of Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO).

World’s Highest Field 21 Tesla Magnet for FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry Installed at National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL)

Bruker Corporation 17 Jun 2014

Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ: BRKR) and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (NHMFL) at Florida State University (FSU) today announced the successful installation of the world’s first 21 Tesla (T) magnet for Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR).


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