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The ModCon Mode Controller

Arden Photonics Ltd 19 Mar 2015

EF compliant to IEC 62180-4-1. Improves measurement repeatability in multi-mode fiber test. Optimized for 850nm and 1300nm. Works with all multi-mode fiber optic testers

Filter uv vis nir polarization

Circular Polarization Spectroscopy of Microscopic Samples

CRAIC Technologies, Inc. 17 Mar 2015

CRAIC Technologies announces the addition of circular polarization spectroscopy capabilities to CRAIC Technologies microspectrophotometers.

Vertilon mcpc618 c2e

APT to distribute Vertilon DAQs

AP Technologies 13 Mar 2015

We are pleased to announce that AP Technologies has been appointed UK and Ireland distributor for Vertilon Corporation.

The FREEDOM you need to build a compact high resolution spectroscopic instrument

Ibsen Photonics 9 Mar 2015

Ibsen Photonics today announced the new FREEDOM HR spectrometer platform for integrators of compact analytical and process control instruments.

Synapse EM: Deep-cooled Scientific Spectroscopy Camera Perfect for Low Light and Ultrafast spectroscopy

HORIBA Jobin Yvon SAS 9 Mar 2015

HORIBA Scientific launched its new Synapse EM, as deep cooled EMCCD Scientific camera for low light and ultra-fast spectroscopy experiments.

SWIFT v2 - Ultra fast, high definition, confocal Raman imaging!

HORIBA Jobin Yvon SAS 9 Mar 2015

HORIBA Scientific announces their new SWIFT v2 ultra fast confocal raman imaging module.

Watch the product demonstration of GONIOMAT M video


Fast and easy prism testing from MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL.

MultiCentric® Cementing Station

MultiCentric® Cementing Station

TRIOPTICS GmbH 10 Feb 2015

Multiplies the Efficiency of the Lens Alignment and Cementing Process

Modulight launches the world’s first multi indication CE and ETL certified medical laser

Modulight, Inc. 30 Jan 2015

Tampere, January 28, 2015 – Modulight, Inc., a leading biomedical laser manufacturer announced today ML7710 laser platform launch and certification.

laser lines

THE NEW FORTUS 450mc HAS ARRIVED: UK First for Laser Lines

Laser Lines Ltd 29 Jan 2015



Waveguiding and detecting structure for surface plasmon polaritons on silicon

Toyohashi University of Technology 25 Jun 2014

(Toyohashi, Japan, 25 June 2014) Toyohashi Tech researchers have developed a simple, low-loss waveguide for Surface Plasmon Polaritons (SPPs) that is applicable to nanoscale photonic integrated circuits on silicon.


Zaber calibration app

Calibrating High-Accuracy Autocollimators with Linear Actuators

Zaber Technologies 20 Mar 2015

Zaber’s precision positioning devices are used in a wide range of customer applications. An example involves utilizing linear actuators for calibrating high-accuracy electronic autocollimators. 

T lsm025 a sv w400

High and Low Vacuum Compatible Devices for Positioning Applications

Zaber Technologies 12 Mar 2015

Zaber’s line of vacuum compatible products includes motorized linear actuators, linear stages, and mirror mounts with built-in controllers.

2015 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit (April 7-8 2015, San Francisco, USA)

Asahi Spectra Co., Ltd. 6 Mar 2015

Asahi Spectra will exhibit the monochromatic illuminator system at Booth#617.

In this month’s edition of Physics World…

IOP Publishing 3 Mar 2015

Throwing light on a mysterious human “superpower”

pw march cover

Physics World March 2015

IOP Publishing 2 Mar 2015

Light in our lives: Colourful tales in the International Year of Light

2015 Photonics Prism Award

WITec’s RISE Microscope wins prestigious Prism Award 2015

WITec GmbH 19 Feb 2015

WITec and Tescan have been recognized with a 2015 Photonics Prism Award. An expert jury named the correlative RISE microscope as winner in the metrology category.

semrock catalog

Semrock Issues 2015 Master Standard Optical Filters Catalog

Semrock, Inc. 19 Feb 2015

The most current list and pricing for all Semrock standard filter optics guaranteed in stock, is now available.

zaber logo

White Paper: Actuator Precision Characterization

Zaber Technologies 18 Feb 2015

To achieve the best precision from your positioning devices, it is important to understand basic positioning mechanisms and their limitations. 

Laser “ruler” holds promise for hunting exoplanets

IOP Publishing 18 Feb 2015

The hunt for Earth-like planets around distant stars could soon become a lot easier thanks to a technique developed by researchers in Germany.

ALRAD PHOTONICS announces the delivery of spaceflight gratings – a MIGHTI achievement by Bach Research!

Alrad Instruments Ltd 16 Feb 2015

ALRAD PHOTONICS, UK distributors for Bach Research, is pleased to announce the delivery of diffraction gratings and optics for two instruments that will fly aboard the NASA ICON Spacecraft.

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