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Optical components and measurement systems, as well as different types of lasers for a full range of research and commercial applications.


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PET Imaging - G8 PET/CT: High resolution imaging at your benchtop

PerkinElmer 10 Jan 2017

The G8 PET/CT delivers high sensitivity (14%) PET scanning integrated with a sub-minute, low dose microCT, in a benchtop format.

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MicroCT Imaging – Quantum GX: Low-dose, high-speed and high-resolution CT in one system

PerkinElmer 10 Jan 2017

The Quantum GX microCT multispecies imaging system provides high-resolution images at an X-ray dose low enough to enable true longitudinal imaging capability.

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High Power QCW Green Fiber Lasers

IPG Photonics 6 Jan 2017

Green fiber lasers offer unprecedented single-mode power in compact and efficient package

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Fiber laser micromachining in high-volume manufacturing

IPG Photonics 2 Dec 2016

High beam quality allows for small spots

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Hiden introduce all-new ultra-high performance quadrupole MS weblink

Hiden Analytical Limited 18 Jul 2016

The Hiden announce the introduction of the all-new DLS-20 mass spectrometer, setting a new performance standard for high resolution quadrupole systems.

New products from Cobolt: 561 nm DPL, mini Q-switched lasers

Cobolt AB 11 Jul 2016

Modulatable 561 nm & 532 nm DPLs, compact OEM Q-switched lasers and a new white paper on gas sensing.


MvBlueGEMINI Smart Camera starter kits offer the perfect solution for Machine Vision developers

ALRAD Imaging 28 Jun 2016

The mvBlueGEMINI kits include all components for developing your Machine Vision applications

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Zaber's New Motorized Filter Wheels with Built-in Controllers and Motor Encoders weblink

Zaber Technologies 2 Jun 2016

Zaber’s new filter wheel (X-FWR-E) has a built-in controller, a low-profile, high speed filter changes of 57 ms, and holds 7 or 10 optics.

Synopsys Announces Release 2016.03 of the RSoft Photonic Component Design Suite weblink

Synopsys 31 May 2016

Latest Release Enables Advanced Design of LEDs, OLEDs and Displays

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Laser Lines provides “excellent service” to glass industry leader video weblink

Laser Lines Ltd 16 May 2016

N & C Glass, one of the leading manufacturers of glass and glazing products in the UK, is part of the wider Nicholls & Clarke Group, made up of businesses dedicated to the manufacture, distribution ...



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Infrared Camera Shows ‘Invisible’ Vehicle Emissions weblink

FLIR Systems 22 Feb 2017

To raise awareness of the potentially fatal impacts of air pollution, a new video* from thermal imaging specialists FLIR Systems highlights how its GF Series Optical Gas Imaging cameras use IR technology to visually demonstrate vehicle emissions and the resulting air pollution issues.


New optical chilled mirror dew point transmitter from Omega

Omega 6 Feb 2017

Omega introduces the RHCM-40 Series dew point transmitter

Autostripper 3

New fully automatic thermal stripper from NYFORS TEKNOLOGI AB - the AUTOSTRIPPER 3 weblink

Nyfors Teknologi AB 3 Feb 2017

The AUTOSTRIPPER 3 is NYFORS’s new thermal stripping device designed for fast and chemical free window stripping of optical fibers. It can remove acrylate-coatings between 250 and 550 µm and claddings between 125 and 300 µm, leaving behind a cleanly stripped fiber while retaining a high fiber strength.

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Simple and square recoating with the MINICOATER 2S from NYFORS TEKNOLOGI AB weblink

Nyfors Teknologi AB 3 Feb 2017

NYFORS TEKNOLOGI AB (publ) is proud to present the most cost efficient recoater on the market.  The new MINICOATER 2S will combine our proven technology from the 90s with our more recent developments. The resulting device comes at a lower price than any other recoater on the market.

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Using the ventus in Laser Tweezers Raman Spectroscopy (LTRS) download weblink

Laser Quantum Ltd 31 Jan 2017

Unfortunately, one in two people born after 1960 in the UK will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime.

Physics World February 2017

IOP Publishing 26 Jan 2017

Ancient mystery: How scientists are modelling the mechanics of dinosaur motion


TOPTICA strengthens customized solutions & innovation by spinning-off TOPTICA Projects GmbH weblink

TOPTICA Photonics AG 25 Jan 2017

In order to serve high complexity laser projects more efficiently TOPTICA Photonics AG has founded its new subsidiary TOPTICA Projects GmbH.


TOPTICA presents new TopWave cw UV laser at 266 nm weblink

TOPTICA Photonics AG 20 Jan 2017

TOPTICA launches their first member of the new TopWave ultraviolet cw laser series that aims at industrial applications.


TOPTICA at Photonics West 2017: Finest lasers at exotic wavelengths for biophotonics, material inspection and quantum optics weblink

TOPTICA Photonics AG 17 Jan 2017

From January 28th to February 2nd, TOPTICA Photonics will exhibit their latest innovations in laser technology in the San Francisco Moscone Center at the BiOS (booth 8709) and Photonics West (booth 923) exhibitions.

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Discuss your needs for high-performance optical filters at SPIE BiOS and Photonics West! weblink

Delta Optical Thin Film A/S 17 Jan 2017

Are you looking for customised optical filters that match your specific applications and requirements?

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