Solid-state lasers

Lasers in which the active medium is a solid doped with rare-earth elements such as neodymium, chromium, erbium, or ytterbium. Includes Nd:YAG lasers and ytterbium-doped glasses or ceramics for use at high power levels and high energies.

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New wavelengths for Raman by Cobolt

Cobolt AB 10 May 2018

Introducing new wavelengths on the 08-01 Series of 457 nm, 473 nm, 515 nm, 660 nm and 1064 nm, complementing already available wavelengths of 405 nm, 532 nm, 561 nm and 785 nm.

Carter Manufacturing: Our optical bearings help you see the difference weblink

Carter Manufacturing Limited 2 Jan 2018

The micron positioning of a lens is what allows us to watch movies on the big screen or see into microscopic cells. Smooth optic bearing motion is critical to being able to see things clearly in everything from cameras to microscopes.

International Trade Council - Certificate of Appreciation

Laser Quantum and ITC assist enterprise & small businesses weblink

Laser Quantum Ltd 2 Jan 2018

Laser Quantum is a member of the International Trade Council, a network of reputable businesses operating in over 76 countries worldwide, working with a variety of external groups to maximise areas of common ground and minimise barriers to trade.

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