Test and measurement

Components and systems found in many laboratories for measuring and analysing key scientific parameters


Pfeiffer Vacuum products at the analytica 2014

Pfeiffer Vacuum products at the analytica 2014 weblink

Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH 19 Mar 2014

Vacuum solutions by Pfeiffer Vacuum for use in laboratory technology, analytics and biotechnology.

HEMCO Corporation is pleased to announce the NEW UniFlow Fume Hood catalog

HEMCO Corporation is pleased to announce the NEW UniFlow Fume Hood catalog weblink

HEMCO Corporation 12 Mar 2014

HEMCO Corporation is pleased to announce the NEW UniFlow Fume Hood catalog featuring “SE”, “LE”, and “CE” series of fume hoods, along with a wide selection of specialty fume hoods.

P-88x.x5 Encapsulated PICMA® Stack Piezo Actuators For Tough Industrial Environments

Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG 10 Apr 2014

In extreme operating conditions, where oil, splash water or continuously high humidity prevail, the stainless steel encapsulated multilayer piezo actuators ensure the required reliability and lifetime.

TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, a.s. and WITec GmbH launch the RISE Microscope for Correlative Raman-SEM Imaging at Analytica 2014

WITec GmbH 10 Apr 2014

TESCAN ORSAY HOLDING, a.s., a multinational company experienced in charged particle optics, and WITec GmbH, a distinguished German specialist in Raman and scanning probe microscopy, jointly launch RISE Microscopy at Analytica 2014.

In Search of Nanostructures: EU funds Research and Development of Correlative Microscopy Techniques

WITec GmbH 10 Apr 2014

German and Czech microscope specialists jointly develop a new analytical instrument.

P-080 PICMA® Stack Multilayer Ring Actuator with Inner Hole

Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG 4 Apr 2014

PI Ceramic expands the standard dimensions of round multilayer piezo actuators. They are now available in the lengths 8.5 mm, 16 mm or 36 mm and provide travel ranges of 5.5 µm to 25 µm. Their outer diameter is 8 mm with a 4.5 mm diameter of the inner hole.

MicroE Systems partners with OEMs to solve tough design challenges in robotics applications

MicroE Systems 2 Apr 2014

Designers of robotic systems face many difficult challenges and constraints.  Minimizing the size and weight of motion control components is often necessary to meet system design requirements.

Allectra launches a M12 Feedthrough

Allectra Ltd. 2 Apr 2014

Allectra now offers a UHV M12 Feedthrough including UHV compatible connector. For less demanding applications, HV and standard connectors can be used on both sides.

New INTEGRA Series Combines Detector and Meter in One Product

Laser Lines Ltd 1 Apr 2014

Exclusive UK supplier, Laser Lines Ltd., announces the launch of Gentec Electro-Optics’s meter-less INTEGRA Series, a new line of All-in-One detectors that combine a detector and a meter in one convenient product.

Compact, New Imaging Spectrograph Outperforms All Others in its Class!

Princeton Instruments 1 Apr 2014

Princeton Instruments is pleased to announce the availability of the new IsoPlane® 160 imaging spectrograph. The IsoPlane 160 brings the award-winning performance of Princeton Instruments’ IsoPlane SCT 320 to a smaller-footprint instrument.



OXXIUS DPSS lasers 532nm, 553nm, 561nm

OXXIUS 22 Apr 2014

OXXIUS  a french growing company, develops and manufactures low noise and SLM DPSS ...

The Technical University of Denmark uses Linkam stages combined with Raman spectroscopy for pigment analysis of works of art

Linkam Scientific Instruments Limited 16 Apr 2014

Market leaders in temperature controlled microscopy, Linkam Scientific Instruments report on the use of their temperature controlled stages in the authentication of artwork at the Technical University of Denmark.

Allectra opens a new facility in the UK

Allectra Ltd. 2 Apr 2014

Now in our eleventh year, Allectra has just opened a new facility in the UK to expand our manufacturing capabilities. This new build incorporates a clean assembly area, specials workshop and CAD/CAM manufacturing.

Rainford Solutions wins large order for Vanguard® from CERN

Rainford Solutions Ltd 2 Apr 2014

Rainford Solutions celebrates its successful tender win for the supply of its Vanguard® range of outdoor electrical enclosures to be used for further research projects at European particle physics laboratory near Geneva.

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC)

STFC tenders: CERN MS-4010/TE - Manufacturing and Supply of Printed Circuit Boards

The Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) 24 Mar 2014

CERN have released a market survey for: MS-4010/TE - Manufacturing and Supply of Printed Circuit Boards. A small excerpt of the technical specification and qualification criteria is included below.

The new OWIS linear precision stages LPT 30

The new OWIS linear precision stages LPT 30 – small, strong, flexible

OWIS GmbH 5 Mar 2014

The miniaturization reaches also the manual positioning systems of OWIS. Now, the manual positioners LPT 30 follow the motorized linear precision stages LPTM 30. The manual precision stages are characterized by their small size with a very high load capacity.

Magritek announces company expansion with the appointment of new hires to the sales and marketing team

Magritek 25 Feb 2014

Magritek, a leading provider of compact NMR and MRI instruments, are pleased to announce further expansion in company activities worldwide. With offices now in the USA, Germany & New Zealand, the company has added experienced leaders in instrumentation sales and product marketing.


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