Test and measurement

Components and systems found in many laboratories for measuring and analysing key scientific parameters


Filter uv vis nir polarization

Circular Polarization Spectroscopy of Microscopic Samples

CRAIC Technologies, Inc. 17 Mar 2015

CRAIC Technologies announces the addition of circular polarization spectroscopy capabilities to CRAIC Technologies microspectrophotometers.

Quantum northwest

Analytik announces the availability of Quantum Northwest’s Peltier-Controlled Cuvette Holders designed for interfacing with most standard spectrometers

Analytik Ltd. 17 Mar 2015

Cambridge, UK, 17th March 2015: Analytik, leading suppliers of innovative analytical instrumentation, announce the UK and Ireland availability of the Peltier-controlled cuvette holders and custom instrumentation from Quantum Northwest.

Pic 2 fruit freeze drying

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum offers compact and versatile vacuum option for Food Industry

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum GmbH 6 Mar 2015

Energy Saving with Optimized Vacuum Solutions for Vacuum Baking and Freeze Drying

Alldaq pr 10 adq 412 1503 presse 72dpi

ALLDAQ ADQ-412 – Dynamic current measurement from µA up to 50A

ALLDAQ 6 Mar 2015

The ALLDAQ ADQ-412 is a CompactPCI board for dynamical current measurement from a few micro-ampere up to 50 A via shunt.


High-Dynamics Hexapod Uses Magnetic Direct Drives

Physik Instrumente (PI) GmbH & Co. KG 20 Feb 2015

At the SPS IPC Drives 2014 trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, Physik Instrumente (PI) unveiled its newly developed parallel kinematic Hexapod systems with magnetic direct drives. They offer extremely high dynamics and are intended for motion simulations and test equipment in industry and research.

Magna-Power Expands 1U SL Series DC Power Supply Line to 6 kW with 17 New Models

Magna-Power Electronics Limited 5 Feb 2015

FLEMINGTON, NJ USA. Magna-Power Electronics, an industry leader in high-power programmable DC power supplies, announced the immediate expansion of its popular 1U SL Series product line to 6 kW.

High Voltage DC Power Supplies Released Offering up to 10 kV at 2 kW to 8 kW in 2U

Magna-Power Electronics Limited 4 Feb 2015

FLEMINGTON, NJ USA; Magna-Power Electronics, a leader in high power programmable DC power supplies, announced the immediate expansion of the XR Series product line.

Magna-Power Expands 2U XR Series Product Line to 10 kW and 600 Adc

Magna-Power Electronics Limited 3 Feb 2015

FLEMINGTON, NJ USA: Magna-Power Electronics, a leader in high-power programmable DC power supplies, expanded it 2U (3.5” height) rack-mount XR Series product line to 10,000 watts output power, which includes 17 new models spanning voltages up to 1000 Vdc and currents up to 600 Adc.

The PDM9107-CP-TTL from ET Enterprises Ltd

ET Enterprises Ltd 30 Jan 2015

Incorporating a photomultiplier, HV power supply and signal processing electronics (where applicable) in an easy-to-use light-tight assembly.

Product Focus: HVLAB3000 Bench-top HV Supply

ET Enterprises Ltd 30 Jan 2015

The HVLAB300 is a high performance 100-3000V  power supply for use with photomultipliers.


Quantum Technology Centre Launch

Lancaster University Quantum Technology Centre 20 May 2014

People with an interest in quantum technologies are invited to the launch of the first phase of the Quantum Technology Centre at Lancaster University.


Witec paper award 2015 gold

Researchers honored with the 2015 WITec Paper Award for their outstanding scientific publications

WITec GmbH 26 Mar 2015

The winners of this year’s WITec Paper Awards have been announced. Research groups from Poland, Switzerland and Singapore won the Paper Awards in gold, silver and bronze, respectively.

Morphing wings help drones manage collisions

IOP Publishing 26 Mar 2015

Researchers in the US have taken inspiration from nature to create a robotic wing that can recover from mid-air collisions.

Zaber calibration app

Calibrating High-Accuracy Autocollimators with Linear Actuators

Zaber Technologies 20 Mar 2015

Zaber’s precision positioning devices are used in a wide range of customer applications. An example involves utilizing linear actuators for calibrating high-accuracy electronic autocollimators. 

T lsm025 a sv w400

High and Low Vacuum Compatible Devices for Positioning Applications

Zaber Technologies 12 Mar 2015

Zaber’s line of vacuum compatible products includes motorized linear actuators, linear stages, and mirror mounts with built-in controllers.

2015 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit (April 7-8 2015, San Francisco, USA)

Asahi Spectra Co., Ltd. 6 Mar 2015

Asahi Spectra will exhibit the monochromatic illuminator system at Booth#617.

Mc pherson tunable uv filter

McPherson monochromator can help early detection of chemical, biological, or explosive weapons

McPherson 5 Mar 2015

Standoff Raman spectroscopy is an optical sensing technique. Among other things, it can be used to detect and identify chemical, biological and explosive activity.

T la28a updated w400

Zaber’s Low-cost T-LA Linear Actuators Offer Built-in Controllers and Daisy-chaining

Zaber Technologies 3 Mar 2015

Zaber’s T-LA Series of devices are computer controlled linear actuators that offer up to 4 mm/s speed, up to 15 N thrust, and up to 60 mm of travel. 

pw march cover

Physics World March 2015

IOP Publishing 2 Mar 2015

Light in our lives: Colourful tales in the International Year of Light

2015 Photonics Prism Award

WITec’s RISE Microscope wins prestigious Prism Award 2015

WITec GmbH 19 Feb 2015

WITec and Tescan have been recognized with a 2015 Photonics Prism Award. An expert jury named the correlative RISE microscope as winner in the metrology category.

zaber logo

White Paper: Actuator Precision Characterization

Zaber Technologies 18 Feb 2015

To achieve the best precision from your positioning devices, it is important to understand basic positioning mechanisms and their limitations. 

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