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Originally formed in May 1976, Chell Instruments’ objective has always been to provide measurement and control instruments and systems appropriate for our customer’s needs. At every stage from original sale, through design and manufacture to performance testing and calibration, a skilled engineer is in control. Most of our engineers commenced their employment with us whilst in college or university and remain loyal employees with unparalleled expertise in their fields.


Many of our products carry firmware and are run in conjunction with a computer running software written by our specialist engineers for use by our customer’s engineers and colleagues. This results in very practical solutions to often very complex measurement and control problems.

Every measurement instrument delivered is offered with calibration in our UKAS accredited ISO17025 laboratory so that our customers may be assured that the performance of their new device has the lowest possible uncertainties.

Many measurement applications have resulted in customer requests for help with installation, hookup hardware and operational software and we work closely with our principles to provide these fully engineered solutions, many of which become standard catalogue products.



What’s new

  • Chell Instruments Ltd

    A portable, convenient Vacuum Gauge Calibration System

    Products | 23 Jul 2014

    CalCube Vacuum Gauge Calibration system with ISO/dis vacuum chamber provides all the resource needed to calibrate vacuum gauges to ISO3567.

  • Chell Launch the MicroCAT

    Products | 8 Jul 2014

    Chell have developed a version of the successful MicroDaq pressure scanner range to take advantage of EtherCAT communications. EtherCAT gives many advantages over Ethernet including higher bandwidth utilisation, integral time stamping and a common communications protocol.

  • Capacitance Manometer Displays

    Products | 9 Jul 2013

    A complete family of products to support most makes of capacitance manometer (as well as MFCs and MFMs) is available. One, two, four and twenty channel versions are available, supplying power, displaying their output in any engineering unit, and offering digital communications.