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Cobolt develops, manufactures and supplies diode-pumped solid-state lasers (DPSSLs) and Diode Laser Modules in the visible, invisible and near infrared spectral ranges.

The company provides a broad range of market-adapted laser products built on a wavelength flexible, power-scalable and robust technology platform. The lasers are particularly suitable for OEM integration, but do also comply with applicable standards and directives for use as stand-alone devices in laboratory environment.

Cobolt is committed to supplying innovative laser products that meet or exceed the market’s expectations concerning quality, reliability and performance. The lasers are designed and manufactured to ensure a high level of reliability, and operation of the company using qualified and established processes assures the quality of the company’s products.

We maintain world-leading design expertise and proprietary technology in lasers as well as in nonlinear materials. This combination of know-how and IPR allows us to provide outstanding laser modules enabling entirely new customer applications. Cobolt is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

We believe in the importance of quality and our company is certified according to ISO 9000 standards, which represent an international consensus on good quality management practices.

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What’s new

  • cobolt produktbilder2015 12 17 0401 plus cont

    Cobolt Bolero™ 640 nm

    Products | 8 Jun 2018

    Cobolt AB, a part of HÜBNER Photonics, proudly highlights the addition of a new wavelength of 640 nm to the Cobolt 05-01 Series of single frequency lasers.

  • Cobolt produktbilder2015 12 17 0801 nld 65

    New wavelengths for Raman by Cobolt

    Products | 10 May 2018

    Introducing new wavelengths on the 08-01 Series of 457 nm, 473 nm, 515 nm, 660 nm and 1064 nm, complementing already available wavelengths of 405 nm, 532 nm, 561 nm and 785 nm.

  • produktbilder

    Cobolt Skyra™: The new multi-line laser

    Products | 26 Jan 2018

    Cobolt AB, a part of HÜBNER Photonics, proudly market releases the Cobolt Skyra™, a revolutionary multi-line laser platform.

  • HÜBNER Photonics cements distribution network

    News | 23 Oct 2017

    HÜBNER Photonics, a division of the HÜBNER Group, is pleased to announce an expansion of their sales channels around the world.

  • hubner photonics

    HÜBNER Photonics to distribute ALS products in D/A/CH and Nordics

    News | 23 Oct 2017

    HÜBNER Photonics, a division of the HÜBNER Group, is pleased to be appointed by Azur Light Systems (ALS) of France to distribute their products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D/A/CH) as well as the Nordics from June 1st 2017

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