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Preview RadCalc Version 6.3 at the AAPM Convention in Austin, Texas

We are excited to announce that a preview of RadCalc version 6.3 will be demonstrated at this year's AAPM show in our sales office home base town of Austin, Texas.

RadCalc version 6.3 when released will be equipped with many new features to help you and your patients win the race against cancer safely. The following is just a few of the advanced features:

The FIRST to provide 3D Dose Volume Verification for Brachytherapy Calculations

New Updated Brachytherapy Module with ROI's and Dose Tab:

View Imported Dose, Computed Dose, Imported DVH, Computed DVH, and Isodose lines in either 2D or 3D views

RadCalc 6.3 Will Provide New Comparison Techniques:

    • Percent Difference
    • Distance to Agreement (DTA)

For each point in reference map, finely resamples comparison map to find closest point with value within a user-defined percentage of the reference value

    • Gamma Analysis

For each point in reference map, calculates the gamma value between the reference and comparison map

Pre-Treatment: Compare any two of the following imported files:

• RadCalc® fluence
• Imported fluence
• Pinnacle ODM

Post-Treatment: Compare RadCalc® or Planning Fluence with Delivered Fluence reported by linac treatment files

For more information about version 6.3, please visit us at Booth #407 at the AAPM show in Austin or click on our Request A Demo Link. When released we will have more updates on our website.

Be sure to stop by our booth #407 to pick up our Concierge Leaflet. We have provided a list of favorite local Austin restaurants to visit during the convention; most are within walking distance of the convention center.

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