XIA upgrades the microDXP credit card size pulse processor for higher speed and lower noise

XIA LLC has recently upgraded the credit card size microDXP digital pulse processor, which now performs at higher speed and with lower noise! Designed for high resolution x-ray and gamma-ray spectroscopy where size and power consumption is a constraint, the new microDXP offers compact size without loss of energy resolution.

The microDXP is a complete, low power digital pulse processor the size of a credit card.  It includes both spectroscopy amplifier and MCA functions, and is intended for both handheld and embedded table-top applications.  Digital filtering is implemented in a field programmable gate array (FPGA).

A digital signal processor (DSP) controls the MCA and on-board memory, and a PIC processor operates as a boot manager and communication interface.  High-speed serial, parallel and auxiliary digital I/O lines allow for various communication interface implementations, e.g. USB 2.0, and special commands for custom applications.  All operating firmware is stored in non-volatile memory and is factory preloaded, but can also be upgraded in the field. Additionally, all settings are saved in configuration arrays that can be easily stored and retrieved.

The mircoDXP supports both Reset and RC-feedback (tail pulse) preamplifier types of almost any gain.  Typical applications include SDDs, PIN diodes, HPGE, CdTe and CZT detectors, as well as proportional counters, scintillator/photomultiplier tube combinations, surface barrier and liquid xenon detectors.

Recently upgraded to 14-bit 40 MSPS (standard) and 80 MSPS (optional) clock speeds, the redesigned microDXP offers state-of-the art performance.  For example, 128 eV FWHM energy resolution at 6 keV was achieved with a 30 mm2 SDD running at 200 kcps input count rate, (2 µs peaking time).  At just 750 mW power consumption (40 MSPS option), the microDXP offers a high performance solution for compact x-ray and gamma-ray spectrometers.


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