Custom Cryogenic Systems

For over 50 years, we have been developing custom cryogenic systems for terrestrial and space applications. We handle all phases of design, fabrication, assembly and testing to produce high-reliability hardware.  We have over 40 engineers and technical staff with extensive experience in cryogenics.

Examples of our work include:

  • Cryocoolers: Turbo-Brayton, J-T, Stirling, magnetic, Gifford-McMahon and hybrid cycles
  • Components: compressors, turbines, pumps, heat exchangers,  electronics and controls
  • Applications: satellites, aircraft, MRI, superconductors, and cryogen liquefaction and storage systems


Air liquefier for cargo aircraft


NICMOS cryocooler for the Hubble Space Telescope


Vacuum Pumps

Creare has the advanced capabilities needed to develop high-performance vacuum pumps. We use specialized analytical tools including molecular, transition, and Newtonian fluid flow models. Our test and fabrication facilities enable us to conduct high vacuum, variable temperature, compression and flow measurements. We know how to design and fabricate miniature electric motors that are very efficient. These motors operate at speeds of 100,000 to 200,000 RPM and consume less than 2 W of electric power under no load conditions.


 Creare’s miniature turbo/drag weighs only 150 grams and can develop an ultimate pressure in the 10-8 Torr range

Examples of our vacuum pump projects include:

  • The world’s smallest hybrid turbomolecular/molecular drag vacuum pump, used in portable battery-powered analytical equipment such as mass spectrometers
  • A space-qualified pump that is part of the key analytical measurement suite on the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity

Small, low-power, low mass scroll pumps for portable mass spectrometers that can be used for homeland security, atmospheric sampling, and monitoring of weapons of mass destruction applications

What’s new

  • Creare65x72

    Hunting Landmines with Sound

    News | 6 Jan 2017

    Landmines and buried IEDs are a real and constant danger to U.S. warfighters in modern conflict zones.

  • Creare65x72

    Making Electronics Cool Again

    News | 6 Jan 2017

    Separable Thermal Mechanical Interfaces (STMIs) are found in advanced digital and analog electronics that are used in space and military systems that are sealed, have little airflow, or must operate at high altitudes.

  • Creare65x72

    Fastener Measurement

    News | 6 Jan 2017

    One technical challenge in achieving stealth is that the aircraft surface, often referred to as the outer mold line (OML), must be “smooth.”

  • Creare65x72

    Advanced Composite Manufacturing is Highlighted at DMC 2016

    News | 6 Jan 2017

    The Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC) is a four-day gathering of top government and industry leaders and manufacturing subject matter experts.

  • Creare65x72

    Recuperator Technology Increases Gas Turbine Efficiency

    News | 30 Nov 2016

    Increased mission endurance is a critical requirement for many unmanned air vehicles.

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