Lancaster Cryogenics Limited


Lancaster Cryogenics is a campus-based spin-out company that offers expertise and capability in cryogenic engineering and sensitive measurement techniques, building on the knowledge base and pioneering history of the Low Temperature Physics research group. The company was created to address the demand for high specification custom cryogenic components and measurement systems from established researchers, industrial partners, and those with little low temperature experience.

What we do

Lancaster Cryogenics specialisms include: all aspects of cryogenics; the provision of ultralow temperatures (millikelvin and below); and a variety of sensitive measurement techniques (low noise, low excitation, small signal). The company offers a range of expertise and skills from expert opinion and design consultancy through to the manufacture and test of bespoke components. The type of clients we work with include government-sponsored research laboratories, research institutes, university research centres, SMEs and global businesses.


What’s new