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Learn about the new F71/F41 teslameters:

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This video highlights the technological firsts and measurement capabilities of the new F71 multi-axis and F41 single-axis teslameters (now available to order from Lake Shore Cryotronics). The video focuses on the instruments’ exclusive TruZero™ technology, which eliminates errors, allowing users to measure with confidence, and examines the innovative 2Dex™ Hall sensors at the heart of the technology – sensors that allow for a wider operating temperature range, near-zero planar Hall effect, and better linear performance with more precise measurement of field than previous Hall sensors. Also covered: how Lake Shore has eliminated instrument warm-up time, as well as the teslameters’ intuitive touchscreen interface and unique TiltView™ screen, which allows for easy operation and viewing, especially when mounted at the bottom of a rack.

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