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With almost 30 years in the Cryogenic Engineering  and Scientific Instruments industry, Hall Scientific Ltd aims to use its extensive experience by supplying the right products at the right price to both the academic and industrial communities.

Just some of the products we are able to offer are:-

  • The latest  in desktop NMR technology  from Magritek in New Zealand along with the desktop ESR system from Adani.  In addition we offer the latest in Cryogen Free Superconducting Magnet Systems (the I-mag) with measurement options and all the peripheral equipment required from one of the leading companies in the world in this area, Cryomagnetics Inc from the USA.
  • For Nanotechnology  products,  we  can  supply Scanning Probe Microscopes and the  new ezAFM Atomic Force Microscope from Nanomagnetics Instruments.
  • For UHV products, we can supply systems and components from OmniVAC  in Germany and for small, economic, cryocooler based systems we can offer products from ColdEdge Technologiesin the USA.

For more information, please visit www.hallscientific.co.uk.