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Enviro300 Wide Spectral Range Solar Spectroradiometer

Comprising a double-spectroradiometer housed within a thermally controlled, environmentally sealed enclosure, the Enviro300 delivers reliable, high-accuracy UV-vis-IR measurements, independent of location or environment.


The Enviro300 may be operated unattended via the BenWin software suite, recording spectra as often as every five minutes in some of the most inaccessible environments on earth over extended periods.

The system is based around the compact 600mm focal length DTMc300 (280-2500nm) double monochromator, with photomultiplier detection, detection electronics and a choice of input optics.

Core benefits


  • Windows control software provides full automation via USB 2.0
  • Measurements traceable to Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB, Germany)
  • Two-stage Peltier cooling (and associated fan) assembly are used to stabilise the temperature
  • The UV irradiance standard of this system is the Bentham CL7 enclosed Deuterium lamp with its associated 708 power supply
  • Full detection electronics suite


  • Solar irradiance monitoring
  • Data input to climate modelling
  • Ozone column and aerosol optical depth measurements

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