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Mobius3D is the first software to verify patient plans in 3D using an independently developed TPS quality algorithm.  Offering a streamlined workflow, Mobius3D can make patient plan QA faster and easier while supplying details that are not available from basic MU verification software.

Mobius3D is the first software to perform full 3D verification of patient plans utilizing an independently developed collapsed-cone convolution-superposition TPS quality algorithm.  The process is designed to maximize efficiency through a streamlined workflow that only requires the user to push the appropriate DICOM objects to the Mobius3D system.  Calculations start spontaneously with no other input necessary. 

An e-mail is automatically generated notifying the clinician when a 3D verification is complete and includes simple pass/warn/alert levels for quick verification.  In-depth details are provided through an intuitive web-based interface that can be easily accessed on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.

Using the patient’s CT allows the system to take into account body contours and heterogeneities automatically. The calculated 3D dose can be directly compared to the 3D dose from the treatment planning system in ways clinicians are accustomed to seeing, such as DVH plots, mean dose calculations and percent volume doses.

3D verification also allows Mobius3D to perform quality assurance checks that simply aren’t possible with basic MU verification software.  The software comes pre-loaded with RTOG and TG-101 DVH objectives which are automatically checked for every plan that is verified by the system.  The DVH objectives are also completely configurable by the user so clinicians can make sure that their clinical protocols are being met by every plan created for their patients.  The system also looks for stray voxels which can affect dose calculations, checks for gantry collisions to verify the safety of the patient, and confirms plan deliverability based on pre-loaded parameters for most treatment machines.

Reference beam data is delivered with the system so commissioning is fast and easy.  Many users are able to begin checking plans within minutes and since Mobius3D uses data that is independent of the data in the TPS the system can also alert users to commissioning errors that might not be caught with any other typical quality assurance practices.

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