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MobiusFX is the one minute, 3D solution for IMRT and VMAT patient specific quality assurance.  Using an independently developed TPS quality algorithm and machine log files, MobiusFX determines the 3D dose delivered to the patient, no ion chamber or diode arrays, EPIDs, or film needed.

MobiusFX is the one minute, 3D solution for IMRT and VMAT patient specific quality assurance. MobiusFX is an add-on module to the Mobius3D system and utilizes the same independently developed collapsed-cone convolution-superposition TPS quality algorithm along with machine log files to determine the 3D dose that is delivered to the patient.  Workflow is streamlined so that the only step for the clinician is to deliver the beams.  Log files are created automatically by the treatment machine and MobiusFX begins calculations as soon as the plan has been delivered.

An e-mail is automatically generated notifying the clinician when an IMRT or VMAT QA is complete and includes simple pass/warn/alert levels for quick verification.  In-depth details are provided through an intuitive web-based interface that can be easily accessed on a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.

All results are shown in 3D and compared to the treatment planning system predicted dose in ways that clinicians are accustomed to seeing, such as DVH plots, mean dose calculations, and percent volume doses.  If a result is outside of acceptable limits MobiusFX can separate out the source of the error between TPS or commissioning issues, or delivery difficulties, for ease in troubleshooting.

With MobiusFX there is no ion chamber or diode array, EPID, or phantom and film to set up, which can save 30, 60 or even 90 minutes per patient.  IMRT and VMAT QA can easily be accomplished during normal working hours, not during nights and weekends.  MobiusFX can even be utilized with the patient in place so every fraction that is delivered can be verified, something that cannot be accomplished with traditional QA methods.  MobiusFX is also one of the only ways to test the entire delivery chain and verify that the data that is in the record and verify system matches what the treatment planning system intended so clinicians know immediately if there was a data transfer error.

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