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TLS120Xe High Power Tuneable Light Source (280nm-1100m)

The TLS120Xe is a high power tuneable xenon light source that puts monochromatic light at your fingertips.


Designed for applications requiring the portability of a modular source with the convenience of fibre optic coupling, the plug-and-play TLS120Xe delivers superlative stability, high wavelength agility and continuous tuning through 280nm-1100nm ideal for a host of applications throughout UV-vis-IR.

Core benefits


  • Ultra-quiet 75W short-arc xenon light source with starter and constant power supply (610)
  • 150mm focal length monochromator
  • Wavelengths manually controlled via front panel, or automated by PC
  • Ideally suited for OEM applications
  • 4-position filter wheel with two long-pass order sorting filters - OS400 and OS700
  • Forms part of a fully automated spectrophotometer/ spectrometer with Benwin Spectral Acquisition Software

TLS120Xe Specifications

Light sourceIntegral 75W high-brightness Xe lamp with starter and constant current power supply
Output PowerTypical output >4mW in 12nm bandwidth at 475nm.
Wavelength rangeTypically 280-700 nm 1nm resolution +/- 1nm precision using 1200 g/mm grating (Alternative gratings available for use over other ranges 200-1100nm)
Switching time100ms max per wavelength change, 50ms for 100nm wavelength change
Output bandwidth6, 12, 20 & 40nm via user selectable slit set. Other bandwidths are available
CouplingHigh throughput robust silica fibre or liquid light guide allowing ease of mounting to microscope adapter
ConstructionMonolithic unit, ideally suited for OEM applications

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    The TLS120Xe is a high power tuneable xenon light source that puts monochromatic light at your fingertips.

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