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Versatile High Performance SWIR Camera

FLIR A6250sc Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) camera

Incorporating a proprietary high-resolution detector, the FLIR A6250sc Short Wavelength Infrared (SWIR) camera offers improved sensitivity and linearity across the full dynamic range, making it ideal for radiometry and temperature calibrated applications. Adjustable frame rates and synchronized triggering, to external events and devices, on the FLIR A6260sc provides the versatility to fully customize settings such that you can optimise the camera to almost any SWIR application.  When optimized for the 0.9 - 1.7 µm waveband, the A6260sc can be factory- or user-calibrated to measure temperatures above 400°C. The FLIR A6260sc camera works seamlessly with FLIR ResearchIR Max software, enabling intuitive viewing, recording, and advanced processing of thermal data.

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