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Japan Vacuum Instruments Ltd. is established in Liverpool, UK as an official UK office of Japanese company, Thermo Riko Co., Ltd.

In 1982, twenty small-sized enterprises in Mitaka City, Tokyo, each engaged in different types of industry, constructed a joint office & factory facility with a support from the government in line with its administrative measures. Since then they have been contributing to the society in their respective fields, while making close interchanges with each other.

THERMO RIKO moved to this facility and joined the group in August, 1997.


What’s new

  • Jeol forcused gvl298 ir heater

    Sample Cleaning with Infrared Heater for XPS analysis

    Case studies | 29 Mar 2017

    Sample cleaning for the preparation prior to XPS analysis is one of the popular usage of Thermo Riko’s GVH series Quartz Guided Infrared Heater. The picture below is one example of the installation of GSH298 on Jeol XPS system.

  • Kumamoto eq3 3

    Heating a sample under strong magnetic field

    Case studies | 31 Jan 2017

    With the Quartz Guided Infrared Heater, a sample located under strong magnetic field, i.e. at the centre of superconducting magnet is possible.

  • Japanlogo

    Quartz Guided Infrared Heater integrated into MBE manipulator

    News | 4 Nov 2016

    Quartz Guided Infrared Heater is successfully integrated into 4 axis manipulator for MBE application.

  • Tds gvl298

    Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy

    News | 22 Jul 2016

    Thermal desorption spectroscopy technique requires ‘CLEAN’ heating. Heaters which uses a filament could give outgas from the filament and the gas would affect the result of spectroscopy as noise.

  • Diamond ga198 heater action

    Heating Micro-samples In A Capillary

    Products | 28 Jun 2016

    Thermo Riko’s GA198 - 1kW Atmospheric Quartz guided Infrared heater was used to heat up catalyst particles in a 400µm diameter capillary at Diamond Light Source to image their structure during operating conditions.

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