As part of the School of Physical and Geographical Sciences, Physics and Astrophysics is at the heart of one of the most attractive campus universities in Britain, with an aim to provide an excellent environment for multi-disciplinary teaching and research.

Physics and Astrophysics section of the School has a very strong commitment to delivering high quality educational programmes in Physics and Astrophysics, which can be read as dual or (for some combinations) major honours.

We operate an "open door" policy for our students, and are active in various outreach activities to the local community. You will find that all the staff are readily approachable and eager to help you in your studies.

Research in the School includes stellar astrophysics, from star formation, the search for planets around other stars, binary stars, and stellar death using observing facilities all over the world. As well as polymorphism and crystallisation studies utilising high energy sources of X-rays and neutrons to probe crystal structures of materials ranging from chocolate and milk powder to polymers and thin films.