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 Optical design and consultancy

Knight Optical's highly skilled technical advisors are trained in optical design, using Zemax software, and the industry standard in design and simulation software for optical and illumination designs, they are:

  • Evaluate your designs tolerance & performance
  • Give help and advice in developing custom optics
  • Ensure your designs offer are feasilble and offer great value
  • We can create 3D models & drawings
  • All drawings are to ISO standards

After production, our state of the art metrology lab can test each optic, guaranteeing each one meets your specification!

Having these key abilities mean that we can advise you accurately on your optical designs, making the transition to the manufacturing stage an easy one.


Optical finishing and processing

Knight Optical's optical components are processed to the highest quality standards. Manufacturing capabilities extend to processing and polishing of Ultraviolet and Infrared Crystal materials.  Visible type block glasses, sheet materials and plastics. 

All finished components are rigorously tested in our state of the art metrology lab., and quality assured tested by our skilled technicians:



Knight Optical supplies a range of stock sheet polarisers which are CAB laminated and AR coated glass laminated sheet polarisers to meet your specification.

Available in a wide range of substrates, standard options include Acrylic, Polycarbonate and Glass.

Lamination of polarisers can enhance the impact resistance adding further features such as anti-reflective surface finishes or Electromagnetic shielding (EMI) shielding.

Our team of experts are here to help you with all your Lamination needs, to request a quote or further information please contact the Knight Optical team on 01622 859 444

Optical Coatings

Knight Optical offer a wide range of coating capabilities for UV-Visible-IR wavelengths ranging from 185nm in the UV to over 20µm in the Infrared.

Individual product testing is undertaken in our state of the art metrology lab where we can perform a range of reflection and transmission measurements an=t any gi=requested angle of incidence.  Coatings that can be tested for R/T% values are, single and multilayer coatings both polarizing and non polarizing including broadband, v-coat, polarizing, metallic and dielectric.  We stock an extensive selection of anti reflection (AR) and mirror coated custom optics, please see below:

IAMGEOptical Sub assembly

Knight Optical's expert staff can mount or assemble your optical requirements into housings or  fixtures to your specification in our state of the art Metrology department.

Every optical component will be tested, inspected and aligned before being packaged and dispatched, ready to use in your equipment

If you require an in housing design for your system or a specified part to complete your housing assembly we can help

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