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Kromek’s disruptive technology is driving innovation across multiple applications, from detecting cancer more accurately to identifying the presence of a ‘dirty bomb’ across a whole city. Within the Medical Imaging sector, Kromek brings better and earlier diagnosis to benefit patients and reduce healthcare costs. Kromek’s improvements in CT scanning (multiple images of the inside of the body), SPECT (nuclear medicine for detection of cancer) and BMD (detection of osteoporosis) adds an extra dimension of information to allow radiologists or physicians to make intelligent critical decisions necessary for treatment of patients. In nuclear detection, Kromek can reduce the risk of a nuclear terror attack or environmental disaster by the advance detection of it. Kromek’s nuclear detection products are the highest resolution detectors, at room temperature, for applications used for homeland security, nuclear power plants and decommissioning. In security screening, Kromek provides colour and digital detectors that enable better detection of threats and help reduce false alarms which can be a significant cost save, for example in airports. This helps ensure travel safety whilst not inconveniencing passengers.

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