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Lake Shore offers a range of measurement and control solutions for advanced research and industrial applications.

Characterization platforms and systems:

  • Cryogenic and cryogen-free probe stations, which allow reliable, unattended measurements at cryogenic temperatures from 1.5 K to 475 K and under the application of magnetic fields up to 30,000 G
  • Hall effect measurement systems, which allow for both AC and DC field Hall measurement
  • Electromagnet-based VSM and AGM systems, used to characterize the magnetic properties of materials over a broad range of temperatures (4.2 K to 1273 K) and magnetic fields to 3.1 T
  • Terahertz (THz) characterization system, which allows for non-contact, non-destructive measurement at THz frequencies to above 1 THz, temperatures as low as 4 K, and magnetic fields to 9 T

Temperature solutions:

  • Cryogenic temperature sensors
  • Controllers, monitors, and transmitters
  • DC current sources
  • AC resistance bridges
  • Cryogenic accessories

Magnetic solutions:

  • Benchtop and handheld Hall effect gaussmeters
  • Fluxmeters
  • Hall probes
  • Hall sensors
  • Helmholtz coils

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