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LAP of America Laser Applications offers cutting edge patient alignment laser systems for linear accelerators and virtual simulation. The APOLLOblue laser is the newest addition to the APOLLO product line. All APOLLO lasers are remote control adjustable and the APOLLOblue contains the Blue Vision diode the highest precision diode ever made. The APOLLOblue is focusable to <1mm making it ideal for today’s high precision stereotactic radiation treatments.

TheTAURUSblue simulation laser system is the virtual simulation counterpart to the APOLLOblue and offers the same benefits applied in the virtual simulation environment. Key features include remote control adjustments, Blue Vision diodes and a new slimmer profile. All virtual simulation systems come with your choice of patient marking software. LAP offers three distinct levels of the patient marking experience. From the capable CARINAiso software all the way up to the full featured 3D visualization of the DICOM compliant CARINAsim. All software runs on a convenient and user friendly all in one in room mounted touchscreen PC.

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