DPSS Lasers

DPSS Lasers

Compact, robust, reliable, hermetically sealed DPSS lasers for a wide range of biomedical, spectroscopic, holographic and instrumentation applications. All lasers are single longitudinal mode, ultra low noise with a near diffraction limited beam and come with a 2 year warranty.

Cobolt's current DPSS laser products are:

Zouk10 to 20 mW at 355 nm
Twist25 to 50 mW at 457 nm
Blues25 to 50 mW at 473 nm
Calypso25 to 200 mW at 491 nm
DualCalypso50 50 mW dual wavelength at 491 and 532 nm
Fandango25 to 150 mW at 515 nm
Samba25 to 1500 mW at 532 nm
Jive10 to 500 mW at 561 nm
Mambo25 to 100 mW at 594 nm
Flamenco100 to 500 mW at 660 nm
Rumba500 to 3000 mW at 1064nm

All lasers below 300 mW can also be purchased in fiber packages, via coupling or pigtailing. The option to combine two wavelengths in a Dual Combiner is also available for most lasers, as is a shutter modulator.

MLD Diode Laser Modules

MLD Diode Laser Modules

The MLD series provides a wide variety of wavelengths in industry standard packaging. Ideal if your budget doesn’t stretch to DPSS, as you get the sturdiness and reliability associated with Cobolt, at a lower cost.

The wavelengths and powers currently available are:

MLD 405 nm250 mW
MLD 445 nm 50 mW
MLD 473 nm80 mW
MLD 488 nm150 mW
MLD 514 nm25 mW
MLD 640 nm100 mW
MLD 660 nm 100 mW

The lasers above 445 nm are available with fibre pigtailing.

Diode Laser Concepts

Diode Laser Modules

Diode Laser Modules

Diode Laser Concepts (DLC) supplies some of the most rugged, cost effective, laser diode modules on the market today.

These lasers have been designed to handle the most demanding, unfriendly environments.

Their advanced technology includes:

  • 405-1550 nm wavelengths available
  • Output powers up to 200 mW single mode, 500 mW multimode
  • Spot, lines, cross hairs and diffractive optical element patterns available
  • Circular near Gaussian beams available
  • Uniform non-Gaussian lines available
  • Pointing accuracy <2 mrad from the mechanical axis
  • Ultra compact modules (19.6 mm long x 9.5 mm diameter) available
  • Environmentally sealed models (IP68, NEMA4X)

The benefits to you include:

  • Reduced fixturing and labour costs
  • Increased OEM product performance
  • Broadened application base
  • 2 year warranty

DPSS Lasers Inc

Solid-state 355nm lasers

Solid-state 355nm Lasers

DPSS Lasers are a high volume manufacturer of 355nm Q switched lasers for micromachining, laser marking, rapid prototyping and molecular uncaging.

  • Nd:YV04 (Vanadate) diode pumped
  • Power up to 5 Watts          
  • Q-switched from Single Shot up to 300 kHz (Quasi-CW)
  • CW versions available

All lasers are supplied with a compact water/air cooling unit and have a near diffraction limited beam (M2 < 1.2).

KM Labs

Leaders in Ultrafast Laser Technology

Leaders in Ultrafast Laser Technology

At the forefront of femtosecond laser technology, KM Labs are leaders in high peak and average power and ultrashort pulse ultrafast amplifier systems.

KM Labs products include the Swift, Griffin, Cascade and Halycon:

  • Mode-locked fs Ti:Sapphire oscillators
  • <10fs, computer controlled, integrated pump laser, cavity dumped and external locking option
  • Multipass fs Ti:Sapphire amplifiers
  • Powers to 50W, 10mJ, 5kHz, 25fs pulses, CEP ready
  • Regeneratively amplified fs Ti:Sapphire systems
  • Energy up to 5mJ, rep rates up to 1MHz, single box solution

These are all based on the pioneering, time-tested optical architecture of the ultrashort-pulse lasers KM Labs have been developing for over 15 years.

Their latest Wyvern-X 1 MHz Ti:Sapphire amplifier was nominated for a SPIE Prism Award. This regenerative amplifier is part of a range of products which also includes multipass amplifiers such as the Dragon, RedDragon and CEP.

They also offer the XUUS, which is capable of converting the near-infrared ultrafast laser signals of the Dragon and RedDragon into wavelengths in the soft-X-ray or EUV region.


High Power Semiconductor Lasers and Fibre

High Power Semiconductor Lasers and Fibre

nLIGHT are a manufacturer of vertically integrated high powered diodes with manufacturing facilities in the US, China and Finland. nLIGHT manufacture bars, stacks, fibre coupled diodes and single emitters operating from 639 to 2000 nm as well as active and passive fibre.

nLIGHT’s products include:

  • Bars Up to 100 W
  • Stacks Up to 2 kW
  • Fibre couple diodes Up to 40 W (200 µm fibre)

Up to 100 W (400 µm fibre)

(All fibre coupled diodes are non bar based, max current is 8A, controllers also available)

  • Single emitters Up to 7 W
  • Active Yb fibre Range of fibres with negligible photodarkening for fibre lasers and amplifiers.
  • Active Er fibre Range of fibres for EDFA and ASE sources.
  • Fibre components Pump and signal combiners, End caps and Splicing services
  • Optical engines Pre-engineered assemblies of our active and passive fibres with standard combiners, gratings and end caps. This means fast and easy development of an optimal fibre laser solution from 15 to 100W.
  • Design software LIEKKI Application Designer (LAD) is a versatile design tool for fibre applications providing a strong platform for simulating and optimising fibre lasers and amplifiers.

Photonics Industries

Diode-pumped picosecond and nanosecond Lasers

Diode-pumped picosecond and nanosecond Lasers

  • 263, 266, 351, 355, 527, 532, 1053 and 1064nm lasers
  • Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4 and Nd:YLF
  • High powered 527nm and 532nm lasers for Ti:Sapphire pumping
  • 60mJ at 1kHz, 10mJ at 10kHz
  • Picosecond systems           
  • Nanosecond OPO systems
  • Nanosecond Ti-Sapphire systems

Photonics Industries offer four different series of nanosecond Q-switched lasers:

  • DC Air-cooled series (1 mW to 10 W)
  • DS Closed-loop water cooled series (500 mW to 35 W)
  • DM Multimode series (10 to 400 W)
  • PA High power series (3 to 150 W)

We also offer picosecond Q-switched lasers:

  • PS Pico series (200 mW to 120 W)
  • RG Regenerative compact series (1.5 to 45 W)

Additionally two types of tunable wavelength laser are available:

  • TU Ti:Sapphire oscillator series (193 to 480 nm / 700 to 960 nm)
  • OPO Optical parametric oscillator series (1.5 to 2.0 µm / 2.2 to 3.4 µm)

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