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Laser Power and Energy Detectors

Whether you use lasers for scientific, medical or industrial applications, Gentec can provide your measurement needs. With over 40 years experience in the industry and their wealth of knowledge is second to none. And their latest meters enable you to monitor laser performance and increase your productivity more than ever before.

Laser Power and Energy Detectors


The Maestro Touch Screen Power & Energy Meter is also compatible with every type of head available (thermopiles, pyroelectrics and photo detectors), in both power and energy modes.



This new PC-Based meter has the advantage of being compatible with every type of head available (thermopiles, pyroelectrics and photo detectors), in both power and energy modes.

Gentec’s range of laser measurement products include:

  • Energy Detectors Our pyroelectric energy meters cover a very wide range, going from nanojoules to several tens of joules per pulse.
  • Power Detectors Get accurate measurements with fast response times with our thermopile or pyroelectric power meters.
  • High Power Detectors We have the most complete high power product line on the market, with solutions for powers as high as 25000 W, and more upon request.
  • Photo Detectors Our photo detectors are offered for both power or energy measurements.
  • THz Detectors Our sensors are pyroelectric-based and can thus be used very easily, and at room temperature.
  • OEM Detectors Almost anything you see in our product line can be turned into an OEM unit!
  • Calorimeters Gentec are the experts in manufacturing, calibrating and servicing calorimeters for use in high energy inertial confinement fusion calorimetric measurement.
  • Beam Diagnostics We have camera-based devices and scanning slits or pinhole systems, some are available with automated M­2 measurement capability.
  • Special Products Ultrafast Joulemeters, Discrete Pyros, Optical Trap Detectors and Diffractive Optics are amongst other products available from Gentec.

These products include the former Spectrum Detector range acquired by Gentec in 2010.

To see the full selection of Gentec products please visit our website, or contact us for a catalogue.




The number of ultrafast lasers used in basic research, two photon microscopy and high end materials processing continues to grow. To measure your pulsewidth the only practical way is with an autocorrelator and Femtochrome have the widest range commercially available.

The delay generation technique is Femtochrome's unique design based on rotating parallel mirrors. The result is a large scan range, at high speed without vibration or misalignment problems.

We have nine standard models available. Whether you are operating from 410 to 3000 nm, require <1 fs resolution, >185 ps scan range, interferometric operation, fibre coupling, a computer interface, low rep rate operation, kHz operation or the acquisition of ultra low level pulses then we have the solution for you.

The FR-103TPM is a palm-size Two-Photon Conductivity (TPC) Interferometric Autocorrelator developed specifically for two-photon microscopy. It is an easy-to-use ultrafast detector with high resolution and sensitivity.

It is suitable for pulsewidths in the 5 fs – 10 ps range, for rep rates >10 kHz. It can be provided either for a free-space or a fiber-coupled (FC/PC or FC/APC) input.

Using it is easy, simply introduce into the beam path without disturbing your optical alignment, with the detector package replacing the sample.

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